Fire Toolbox, ideal para hackear los tablets Amazon Fire + Tips and Tricks

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Fire Toolbox, ideal para hackear los tablets Amazon Fire

Fire Toolbox is one of the best tools to hack Amazon tablets, unlock your full potential And power access Google services and third-party applications for Android.

You likely bought an Amazon Fire on recent Black Friday. The e-commerce giant’s own hardware was among the lowest-priced devices and its electronic tablets remain the best in the mid-range and entry-level for their feature-price ratio.

Not everything is so positive and the software section is a big problem for many users. Amazon installs its own Fire OS operating system. It is based on Android, but it goes beyond a custom user interface and internal applications that almost all manufacturers that work with Android develop in their products. Fire OS is meant to use Amazon’s own services and it works great for subscribers and you only want it for that, but it ends up being too invasive and takes up the entire software section.

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And not only that. As well by default blocks access to Google services and the official Google Play store, something that can be a great limitation for a good part of potential buyers who expect another type of experience from an Android tablet.

Hackeando Amazon Fire con Fire Toolbox

A few years ago we offered you a tutorial to root the Amazon Fire 7 and recently, coinciding with the launch of the Fire HD 8 (2020), we offered you a method to install Google Play and third-party applications without having to root.

Today we are going to review an application for Windows that combines a bunch of command line tools to hack Amazon tablets, unlock their potential, and access third-party applications and services. Fire Toolbox was updated last week to version 10.0 and supports almost all versions of Amazon Fire tablets released from 2014 to date.

Its use is simple with the following Steps:

1. Connect your Amazon Fire to a Windows PC and allow the system to install the necessary drivers (if you haven’t already done so). Disconnect the tablet from the PC

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2. Download and install the latest version of Fire Toolbox on your PC.

3. Enable USB debugging:

  • Access the tablet configuration tool> Device options and tap on the serial number (seven times) until you unlock Developer Options.
  • You will see those options that until then were hidden. Open it and check the option «Activate ADB».

4. Connect the tablet to the PC and run Fire Toolbox. You should see an interface like the following, with your own tablet model:

Fire Toolbox

The possibilities of Fire Toolbox

The latest 10x version of this tool includes improvements for restoring backups, for downloading applications, a new application for installing a custom keyboard, an updated method for removing lock screen ads or disabling updates. OTA from Amazon, which means you will not receive security or feature updates from Amazon.

Its possibilities are enormous and allow you to unlock the potential of tablets without having to root (although it could also be done if you want to install an alternative ROM), keep Amazon applications if you are interested, install third-party applications and ultimately achieve a almost total control of your device. Among its functions we highlight:

  • Installation and management of Google, Framework and Google Play services to access all Android applications.
  • Uninstalling some or all of the pre-installed Amazon apps.
  • Installation of side-loading applications downloaded to the PC downloaded from sites like APK Mirror if they are not available in the Amazon Appstore or you do not want to install Google Play.
  • Change the launcher or launcher application. (We still like Nova Launcher, although you can install the one you prefer)
  • Enable / disable automatic updates and other system settings.
  • Ad removal and lock screen management.
  • Back up all your tablet data to your PC or restore from a previous backup.
  • Access to ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and its capabilities from the command line.
  • Change options for screen density, sounds, keyboards, or input methods.
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Very interesting this Fire Toolbox that reaches version 10 in top form, helping thousands of users to unlock Amazon tablets. Great on features / price, but limited by software.

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