First ATX12VO motherboard for Alder Lake. It is supposed to be cheap and energy-saving

Intel is primarily interested in the ATX12VO standard, so it’s no wonder that it had to debut for the new Core processors (Alder Lake). In this matter, MSI took the lead, because it is thanks to this company that the first ATX12VO motherboard for Alder Lake will be created.

Cheaper, less complex, (better?) And, above all, more energy-efficient – that’s what the Intel ATX 12VO standard brings

MSI announced its second-ever motherboard with an Intel ATX12VO (12V only) power connector. It will be the MSI Pro H610M 12VO model with the H610 chipset, which will support 12th generation Intel Core ‘Alder Lake’ processors and will be aimed primarily at hardware manufacturers.

As you might expect, it will be one of the least advanced and thus the cheapest H610 motherboards… though it may come out differently through the additional current converters required for onboard installation. However, this will have an impact on cheaper power supplies, which abandon converters to other voltages in the ATX12VO standard.

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The worst part is that we will probably never find out because the company hasn’t released much information about the MSI Pro H610M 12VO. It is certain to keep it in the micro-ATX format and the modification of the power supply system to meet the ATX12VO standard, i.e. to use only the 12-V line. Thanks to it, you can significantly increase the energy efficiency of the power supplies (probably even by half), when the system is not particularly loaded. All because of a better conversion of 12 V to lower voltages.

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