Fixed issue with unlocking iPhone 13 with Apple Watch

Apple introduced a new generation of smartphones.  Here is the iPhone 13

Recently, there has been information that the awaited unlocking function using the Apple Watch does not work on the iPhone 13 as it should. Now the bug has been fixed, apparently.

Fixed an issue with unlocking iPhone 13 with Apple Watch

Apple smartphone users have waited a long time for the announced function, allowing them to unlock the phone from the watch without removing the mask. It was introduced at the beginning of the year. However, it turned out, as Apple itself admitted, that this option simply does not work for some iPhone 13 owners. the mask interferes with Face ID, is to use the password.

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Service 9to5Mac however, reports that in the second beta of iOS 15.1 this bug has been fixed and the feature is working properly. However, it is not known when the update to this version will be delivered to users. It is worth knowing that it will not only fix the above-mentioned error, but also a few other additions, such as SharePlay, i.e. the ability to share music and video content during a FaceTime call.

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