FSP Dagger Pro 850W Review: Pinout | Cables | Premium | Testing | Pros & Cons

FSP Dagger Pro 850W Review: Pinout | Cables | Premium | Testing Performance and how to set up (settings) | Advantages and Disadvantages – FSP, a brand well known for the manufacture of power supplies and other products, recently or recently has in its catalog one of the smallest power supplies on the market offering an optimal size for those who want extremely compact equipment without lowering performance, for FSP shows us the “Dagger Pro” an SFX power supply in its format for small teams and with a power of 850W, something impressive for its size, now we will see a little more of this excellent product.

Unboxing FSP Dagger Pro 850W

FSP always shows us an extremely good packaging offering the necessary information to know a little more about the product that we have in our hands, on the other hand we find the logo of the brand in the foreground as well as the design of the Power Supply. Also more information about its format and its capacity in Watt, which is 850W with a Gold certification, something that makes it quite attractive for users.

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Finally, the compatibility for Intel CPUs and the 10-year warranty for this FSP brand product.

On the back of the box we find some of the main characteristics of the Power supply and another image of it, we can see on one side some specific details such as its Japanese capacitors, an intelligent control for the efficiency of the Sources, semi-fan. Fanless that will keep our Power Supply fresh, dual connector design for the most current motherboard.

We also see an emphasis on the 12V Single Rail design for graphics cards which offers superior performance over the old Multi Rail design.

On the sides we find more information regarding the Dagger Pro model, we have a considerable amount of cables since the format limits that amount so we can see their amount without problem. On the other side we find information on the distribution of the most important rails and also the acoustic noise of the fan when it is running.

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FSP Dagger Pro 850W Accessories

The accessories that FSP includes are quite basic when it comes to other models of the brand, but without a doubt we have just enough for a

Correct installation without problem, below, what we include:

  • Bracket for Power Supply
  • · Power cord
  • Screws for installation
  • · Product guarantee
  • 24 Pin Cable
  • GPU cable
  • CPU cable
  • Molex cable
  • Sata cable
  • Cable Floppy

For its part, the kit is quite complete and we can deduce that we will have what is necessary for an easy and fast installation since it is totally modular and on the other hand, customize it in a quite simple way.

Dagger Pro 850W Technical Specifications

FSP Dagger Pro 850W

When we see the Dagger Pro for the first time we find an excellent job by FSP, it certainly looks very complete and the quality is notorious, on the other hand it has a power of 850W with Gold certification and its dimensions are 125X100X63.5mm a fairly compact size and That will not have problems in case ITX although with the option for Case ATX through the Bracket.

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In the front part we have the 92mm Fan which will be in charge of keeping our Power supply cool, but we have a semi Fans-Less design which allows us to keep the noise at a low level to offer a more optimal performance in that aspect, but when greater freshness is needed, the fan does the job and the noise could be considerable not at all exaggerated for something uncomfortable.

At the back of the Dagger Pro we have the part of the connections where we can see an excellent distribution of them and also something quite good such as the identification of each one so as not to make mistakes in their installation, for its part we have the connection to CPU, Peripherals, VGA and Motherboard.

In the other section we have the on and off button next to that we have the connection of the Source itself for its operation.

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And at the bottom we have the label that shows us a complete description of the power and its distribution in each of the rails, as well as more unstable information about its protections or other relevant data of said FSP brand product.

As we have seen, the design of the Dagger Pro has been excellent since its construction is quite solid and has very good components that make it ideal for gaming and enthusiasts, apart from that it has a totally modular design which allows ordering efficiently everything inside the cabinet since we can choose what we need to install, without a doubt FSP has done an excellent job and now it’s time to see its performance to see if it complies with its certification.

Test of performance


First, we carry out the tests using the OCCT program which has a stress test which allows us to verify the most important voltages of the Power Supply, with this we verify in approximately 45 min if there are significant variations in the test and then compare them.

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The tests are carried out with the factory configuration and with Overclocking since that is where we modify the values ​​and we will see if the variation gives us something problem or they remain stable during the course of the test.

Dagger Pro 850W FSP Installation

Stability test

The stability tests will help us to know if this source is functional even using our equipment at full load, therefore we use OCCT which will allow us to monitor the most important rails for a period of time, with this we will have a clear idea of ​​whether using it in games or daily use we would have a problem that leads to malfunction or falls on the main rails.

The result of the first test using the equipment in its stock configuration has been quite profitable since the performance that we have seen in the course of the test remained at the correct values ​​even using the processor at its maximum load. This indicates that the stability is quite good and acceptable even in scenarios that need its maximum power because it will deliver it in a clean and efficient way and it is what we always look for in each Power Supply whatever the brand.

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As we saw that the result was quite good in Stock, we proceeded to increase the frequency of our processor and by much the voltage to find some variation with respect to each rail, but as we appreciated in the test the result was the same offering the same stability in each rail and this fills us with satisfaction.

As we had a fairly good result in the test with a stock system configuration, we now proceeded to perform a small Overclocking to our i5 10600k up to 4.8GHZ which gave us a quite good result with the slight increase in watts as you will see in the image but maintaining the excellent performance in the stability test that we will show first.

And as we mentioned, the increase was considerably higher than what we had in configuration since here the energy savings and other values ​​were changed since, if not the Overclocking becomes unstable and therefore the values ​​are necessary, although the vcore is not in an extreme range its increase is considerable and therefore a good cooling is necessary since the TDP of these processors is high. Without a doubt FSP has power in the manufacture of its Power Supplies and that is why the performance, although there are not so many tests in detail, we can say that it is a product that will meet expectations due to its performance and size.

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Last conclusions

FSP, a brand that we know is quality for connoisseurs, has done an excellent job in this Power Supply, not only for offering us a fairly good packaging in terms of information, but also for what is shown in the tests. But despite not delving into its interior we know that the components used, as well as the circuits and protections included are the best on the market and it has nothing to envy other brands.

For its part, the performance obtained has been excellent due to the format that it presents, but despite this it showed a fidelity in each voltage line offering adequate performance in each of the tests that we carry out both with a Stock configuration and one with Overclocking. and the latter needs a source of power with category to maintain excellent stability within the system. For this we appreciate

Pros: Advantages

  • Complies with the latest version SFX12V V3.3
  • Efficiency ≧ 90% with typical load
  • MIA IC (Multiple Intelligence Capability) chipset inside
  • Fanless design for quiet operation
  • Long life, quiet ball bearing 92mm fan
  • All black ribbon cables
  • Powerful + 12V single rail design
  • Japanese electrolytic capacitors
  • Prepared for the latest Intel CPU
  • Full OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OTP protections
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Against: Disvandvatages

  • No Cable for RTX