Gameplay GTA The Trilogy divides the players. A controversial game is brewing!

Gameplay GTA The Trilogy divides the players.  A controversial game is brewing!

Pre-premiere shows of GTA The Trilogy have hit the network. Rockstar didn’t show the gameplay so the players did it themselves. So we already know what fun is in the revamped games!

GTA The Trilogy without a game demo

Rockstar has not decided to show gameplay material from GTA The Trilogy. A controversial move that may still be fixed in the next few hours, but no official video material is available yet.

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However, the title will become available to players at any moment and some players have found a way to circumvent the time limits that were to protect the title from premature launching of games. Therefore, more game recordings or screenshots appear on the web.

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Gameplay GTA The Trilogy od graczy

Players place more and more materials on the Internet, which they try to hide from the publisher. On Reddit we can find materials from GTA San Andreas.

On YouTube, a New Zealand player uploads longer gameplay streams from Vice City and GTA 3.

What do we know from leaks?

Surprisingly, player content raises more questions than we had before!

A glance at the GTA Vice City settings reveals that there is a setting in the game responsible for targeting in the first person view. This may mean that we are in for a surprise and in the renewed trilogy we will see the hero’s “eyesight” view, as it was done in GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Players who can already have fun in the revamped versions of the games pay attention to the improvements to the character animation, thanks to which the clashes with opponents look more modern. In addition, there is a weapon selection wheel that activates the time slowdown. And yes – the codes work!

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However, there are some players who just don’t like the shape of the definitive editions of GTA games. They point out that in Vice City or GTA 3 we can still not swim, and the range of drawing objects does not apply to passers-by and vehicles.