Gaming chairs with synthetic leather or fabric finish

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Sharkoon announced the launch of its new gaming chairs DIFFERENT SGS20, which arrive in a finished in Synthetic leather to offer the classic design of a chair of this type, or with breathable fabric which is more comfortable and much cooler in the heat of summer. Otherwise, both are identical, how to offer a generous 55cm seat base being completely flat and not having “ears” that can end up bothering you.

“With the SKILLER SGS20 we are faced with an affordable chair with a particularly large seat base and the high quality that you would expect from a Sharkoon gaming chair. Its comfortable upholstery allows you to sit for hours without interruption. Relieving pressure on the spine, the headrest and lumbar cushions support the back and neck and thus provide a healthy posture when sitting. The robust frame and the class 4 gas piston ensure a stable hold in hectic situations. “

For the rest, DIFFERENT SGS20 They are like any other gaming chair, so it offers a backrest that can be adjusted in a wide angle from 90 to 160 degrees, the armrests are adjustable depending on the height, angle or being able to move backwards or forwards. The chair is designed for users with a maximum height of 185 cm and a weight of up to 120 kg. Regardless of the model you choose, there are versions in gray, blue, red and orange at a recommended price of 219 euros, which must be recognized is high to be of this brand.

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