Geforce GT 1030 2gb Ethereum Mining: Hashrate | Profitability | Overclocking

Nvidia GT 1030 Mining 2 GB memory: ... x
Nvidia GT 1030 Mining 2 GB memory: Overclocking

Geforce GT 1030 2gb Ethereum Mining: Hashrate | Profitability | Overclocking – Against the background of the release of new generations of graphics adapters, which are now of interest not only to fans of games and high-quality video, but also to miners of digital coins, some users are still interested in the possibility of effective use less powerful graphics cards that represent the budget price range. And we are talking, in particular, about mining on the GT 1030 2gb.

Taking into account the increasing complexity of the networks of top coins in 2019, the relevance of the operation of such Nvidia devices will drop sharply.

However, it should be borne in mind that quite promising cryptocurrency platforms are constantly appearing and actively developing. Based on this, it becomes possible to profitably mine the GTX 760 and extract altcoins on the VK 1030 series with the appropriate settings.

Relevance of GT 1030 cards for mining

To date, it is no longer necessary to consider mining on Geforce GT 1030 Bitcoins and even Ethereum, since the issued hash rate is sorely lacking. However, this budget graphics card with only two gigabytes of memory allows you to mine other tokens. As practice shows, Nvidia brand GPUs do a good job of mining Monero and Zcash.

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It is worth noting that on the stock parameters during the mining of the ZEC coin, the video card in question is capable of producing about 35 Sol / s. On the same algorithm, after overclocking, the indicator increases to 40 Sol / s. On the one hand, such parameters may seem really ridiculous when compared with the performance of new generations of GPUs. At the same time, do not forget that the GT 1030 is several times cheaper, consumes much less electricity, and is also distinguished by its compactness.

mining Geforce GT 1030

In order to objectively assess the possibility of using this VC for the extraction of a particular digital coin, attention should be paid to its main characteristics, namely:

  • The architecture type is Pascal.
  • The base clock / boost is 1227/1468 MHz.
  • The number of texture units is 32.
  • Memory type – GDDR5.
  • The amount of memory is 2 GB.
  • The bus width is 64 bits.
  • Power consumption – 30 W.
  • The maximum temperature is 97 degrees.
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It is worth noting that low-profile and passive-cooled versions of GT 1030 video cards were developed at one time. Among other things, evaluating the parameters, the most significant for crypto mining, you should pay attention to the possibility and results of GPU overclocking. So when the core and video memory frequencies reach 1800 and 7600 MHz, respectively, the card’s indicators, of course, do not catch up, but they are much closer to the characteristics of more expensive models.

Mining prospects for 1030

mining Ethereum with GT 1030

In general, this graphics processor can be called a good and quite rational choice for users on a budget to build a small farm. As already noted, mining Ethereum on GT 1030 is no longer in question. However, for other altcoins, this card is still relevant. The following important points can be pointed out as arguments:

  • affordable and relatively low cost of a video card,
  • the most compact dimensions of the device that will allow the entire rig to be placed in a small box,
  • low power consumption (only 30 W), ensuring minimal operating costs for mining equipment,
  • efficient cooling system that keeps the temperature of the card under load within 65 degrees. Which in turn increases its productivity and extends the service life.
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Today, the number of promising cryptocurrencies continues to increase. This allows you to give new life to the mining of coins on the described video cards as well. For example, mining GTX 780. Naturally, hardly anyone will buy such GPUs to build a farm, but if they are available, you can provide a small but stable income.

Mining on the Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 2 GB video card in 2021

Against the background of the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies in 2021, many began to ask the question: what if you start mining altcoins on the ultra-budget Nvidia GT1030 graphics card? In this article, we will briefly talk about this card and demonstrate the real performance in cryptocurrency mining.

Mining on Nvidia GeForce GT 1030

This video card has only 2 GB of video memory on board, which operate at a ridiculous speed of only 50 GB / s. Here the high frequency of the video chip of about 1500 MHz and a fairly low power consumption of about 30 W help out a little, so it makes sense to use it in mining. For comparison, the Nvidia GT 750Ti has a 1100 MHz video chip and draws about 60 watts.

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Mining on Nvidia GeForce GT 1030
Mining on Nvidia GeForce GT 1030

Nevertheless, the Nvidia GT1030 video card has a very simple cooler and a symbolic cooling system, which is clearly not enough for GDDR5 memory. Also, the power circuits are practically not cooled, which can lead to burnout of the SM3319 transistor at heavy loads.

Nvidia GT1030 graphics card is still supported by many miners.
Nvidia GT1030 graphics card is still supported by many miners.

Despite being over seven years old, the Nvidia GT1030 graphics card is still supported by many miners. The video card is outdated only in memory and low bus bandwidth. Therefore, you should use the Nvidia GT1030 only in those mining algorithms that use the core more and do not require RAM.

As an example, consider mining Uplexa (UPX) on an Nvidia GT1030 using the CryptoDredge miner. The video card produces 220 h / s while consuming only 559 MB of RAM. Power consumption is at 30 watts.

Nvidia GT1030 using the CryptoDredge miner
Nvidia GT1030 using the CryptoDredge miner

Mining VertCoin on the VertHash algorithm and using the miner VerthashMiner 0.7.0 produces 100 kh / s

Nvidia GT1030 is an office budget graphics card
Nvidia GT1030 is an office budget graphics card

Attention! Mining Ethereum on Nvidia GT1030 is impossible due to low RAM, but if it was possible, the card would produce no more than 6 mh / s.

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The most interesting. The GeForce GT 1030 can bring in about $ 28 a month, producing a hash rate of about 8 MH / s on the KawPow algorithm (RVN coin, NBMiner miner).

We suggest looking at other algorithms and the average performance of the Nvidia GT1030:

  • Cryptonight_GPU — 220 h/s (ОЗУ 694 Мб)
  • CN_Haven — 170 h/s (ОЗУ 1205 Мб);
  • CN_Conceal – 4.4 kh / s (RAM 284 MB);
  • Argon2D-dyn – 26 kh / s (RAM 1022 MB);
  • Verthash – 100 kh / s (RAM 1491 MB);
  • Equihash 144.5 – 5 sol / s (RAM 1965 MB);

Even if we consider all the other existing algorithms, the performance of the Nvidia GT1030 will not be higher.

Let’s summarize

Nvidia GT1030 is an office budget graphics card, so when using it in mining, you need to take care of cooling (first of all). Be sure to have the included MSI Afterburner on hand to monitor the temperature of the card. Also, it will not be superfluous to get a thermal tape for an additional radiator for the power supply transistors, which often fly.

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At best, completely overhaul the Nvidia GT1030 cooling system and replace it, for example, with the one found on MSI’s Aero series graphics cards.