Geforce GTX 1050 vs 1050 Ti GPU: Hashrate | Best Coins| Specs| Overclocking

Geforce GTX 1050 vs 1050 Ti GPU Mining: Hashrate | Overview| Profitability | Settings| Overclocking| Best coins to mine and Specs – Mining has become popular and profitable for a long time, in business it is worth thinking not only about the amount of earnings, but also about costs. Video cards are very expensive and besides, a lot of money is spent on power bills, so when choosing components, you should also make a bias towards low power consumption.

The GTX 1050 Ti was once at the top of the charts for budget mining cards. But today this line of Nvidia graphics adapters is outdated and has almost exhausted its full potential. How to overclock a 1050 Ti video card for mining in order to build a more powerful farm will be written below.

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Graphics card specifications

The NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 graphics card is one of the cheapest cards among the 10 series from NVIDIA. At the same time, it is able to cope with heavy loads and does not consume a lot of electricity . Also equipped with a good ventilation system, the video card is completely resistant to overheating and does not make a loud noise.

The characteristics of the GeForce GTX 1050 do not correspond to the latest innovations, and three years ago, it was quite competitive even in the field of the newest and most powerful games.

It is strongly discouraged to purchase such components as a mining farm even now, during the period of soaring prices for cryptocurrencies The video card is only suitable for a budget gaming PC. Of course, launching mining on some algorithms is possible, but this will not bring real money. Unless the most profitable altcoins for this card will rise in price by another 3-4 times. But this is unlikely. Sooner or later, a new recession will come. Most likely, cryptocurrencies will not go down to the 2019 lows (although, who knows), but any correction will make such rigs unprofitable. Some blockchain projects will generally go broke and leave the market, while others will become more complex over time and weak GPUs will no longer cope.

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Which is better to choose, GeForce GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 Ti

The lineup consisted of two video cards with one very important difference. But the funny thing is that these video cards are confused with each other, not only ordinary computer users, but even sales consultants of large electronics stores. They can sell a regular GTX 1050, for the price of a GTX 1050 TI, and vice versa.The GeForce 1050 Ti video card is still somehow suitable for mining, unlike its predecessor. In both versions, a new 14nm chipset was installed for the first time. Also, the architecture in the Ti version of the card is suitable for Pascal mining.

The first version of the cards lacked good ventilation, which could provide stable and optimal heat dissipation, which prevents mining on a 1050 video card. But the GTX 1050 Ti, due to its performance and proper cooling of the processor, can work on a par with more expensive models of video cards. Also, the difference between the video cards of this series is the amount of virtual memory. For the Ti version, this is as much as 4 GB a year ago, such video accelerators could be used on Ethereum, but mining ETH at 1050 2 GB is no longer possible, like most other PoW cryptocurrencies. Coins with a DAG file less than 2GB can be counted on the fingers, and the profit from their production is minimal. The GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB graphics card has more mining potential.How many 1050 Ti mines per day and how much is spent on electricity can be found out by calculating the profit and finding out the cost of power supply in your region. More detailed information on this issue will be located below.

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Which video card to choose when buying, an overview of all models for mining at home

Having decided that the TI version is most suitable for mining from this model line, you need to find out which of the companies engaged in the production of video cards can provide the best performance. To do this, we will consider in detail and compare models from different companies: GIGABYTE, ASUS, MSI and PALIT.

Which video card to choose when buying, an overview of all models for mining at home

The memory frequency of all video card manufacturers is almost the same, but the frequency characteristics differ greatly.

Comparison of cooling systems

Video cards also differ in the cooling system. So, for example, MSI  and Gigabyte graphics cards are equipped with high – quality fans and provide optimal cooling during loaded cards.

Such cooling systems automatically suspend the operation of the fans when the video card does not heat up, which guarantees a long service life. But video cards from ASUS and Palit are equipped with simple fans that run constantly, which can fail at any time and lead to overheating of the GPU. Therefore, if you use the Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti for mining, the video card will be able to constantly cool down, without harm to the fans.

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Which is better to choose, GeForce GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 Ti

Buy a used video card with caution , as any disclosure has a resource of work. When mining, the video card works 24 hours a day at full load.

Bench tests : GeForce GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 Ti

To carry out the tests, a full-fledged system was assembled that corresponded to the cards. Performance tests were performed by running powerful games. For all data to be accurate, an SSD was installed.

Bench tests  GeForce GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 Ti

In fact, it turned out that the difference between all video cards is quite insignificant and amounts to 8 frames. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer, it is worth relying on other indicators, for example, on the cooling system and the possibility of additional power and overclocking.

When determining the possibility of earning cryptocurrency for each of the cards, Palit showed itself best of all, which is excellent for mining, but this is if you choose from those that have additional power. There are two fans installed on it and this is quite enough. The cost of the video card is about 12,000 rubles.

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Geforce GTX 1050 Ti mining, after overclocking, showed the following indicators:

  • Ethereum Classic – 14.5 Mh / s;
  • Veil-ProgPow – 6.5 Mh / s;
  • Ravencoin – 6.5 Mh / s;
  • Zclassic – 11.8 H / s;
  • Aion – 11.8 H / s;

The memory overclocking of the two graphics processors is 800 MHz. The power limit is 77, and the core clock is +99.

If you choose a card without additional power, then you should pay attention to the MSI GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC, it is ideal for mining. Now it costs at least 14,490 rubles on the Yandex market , while the card is the most productive of the entire line. The price, given the high cost of mining cards, is not very high, but the income is also weak.

What is better to mine with GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti, how to choose a coin

GeForce GTX 1050

What can be mined at 1050 2 gb? Almost nothing. As already mentioned, coins with such a small DAG file and more or less serious income no longer exist in the current period. You will be able to mine digital currencies UBQ or DBIX, but the profitability will be almost zero.

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These coins are used by the outdated Innosilicon Asics miners, which, due to the small amount of memory, are no longer suitable for Ethereum mining. Although, if there is access to a free outlet and such a card, then why not.

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

What is the best 1050 Ti mining for 2021? 1050 Ti is best for mining:

  • Zclassic (ZCL) – $ 1.01;
  • Zano (ZANO) – $ 0.88;
  • Vidulum (VDL) – $ 0.82;
  • HavenProtocol (XHV) – $ 0.80;
  • Ravencoin (RVN) – $ 0.77;
  • BitcoinGold (BTG) – $ 0.72;

This is how much you can earn per day, excluding electricity costs, at the current rate of these cryptocurrencies. Indicators from the website of the WhatToMine online calculator are relevant as of 04/13/2021. The next day, the list of cryptocurrencies and the amount of profit may differ slightly.

Choosing an algorithm, where to find a profitable coin

To determine how much 1050 Ti 4 GB mining can bring, you can use the calculator on special sites.

Based on the above, you can already roughly decide on the choice, but if this is not enough, then you can always use the service with an online profit calculator. There are a huge number of them on the net, but the most popular are Wattomine or Coincalculators. To calculate profitability, you will need to indicate the video card and the cost of light. Basically, it calculates the difference between income and costs.In any case, you can find out how many 1050 Ti mines per day even in a search engine, without calculating the profit, using a calculator. On average, the profit from one card is $ 0.50 per day. Please note that a farm with one low-power video card will not make a profit. After all, if you calculate the total consumption of all PC components, it turns out that you will spend all your mining earnings on paying electricity bills.

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How to overclock, programs and nuances

Overclocking a video card is not so easy. Mining power and performance can sometimes be independent of each other. Can 1050 Ti be mineable for Ether? It is possible even if the consumption is limited to 75%. Less, only half of the hashrate of all the power. Due to this, heating is reduced and you can save several hundred rubles per month, on each GTX farm.Use MSI Afterburner to overclock video cards . The program is simple and easy to use, equipped with an intuitive interface.

In order not to spoil the video card during overclocking, it is necessary to increase the memory and core frequencies gradually. Due to this, it will be possible to determine exactly what frequencies are available for the stable operation of this video card. The frequency of the cores on video cards can vary from 100-150 MHz, depending on the manufacturer. And from memory, up to a maximum of 999 MHz. Memory, like the frequency of cores, is very dependent on the chip manufacturer. Best of all, as it turned out, the Korean manufacturer Samsung coped with the production of chips.After overclocking the video card, you can try to combine the mining of the main cryptocurrency with another, less demanding one.

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