GeForce GTX 760: Overview | Specs | Speed Up to 2100 rpm | Testing – Is it Good for Gaming?

GeForce GTX 760 - Is it Good for Gaming

GeForce GTX 760: Overview | Specification (Specs)| Speed Up to 2100 rpm | Testing – Is it Good for Gaming? – In the second half of 2013, NVIDIA continues to delight fans of its brand with new models of graphics processors. By tradition, after the announcement of top-end video cards, the time comes for video accelerators of the middle price range.

GTX 760 | Does it Make Sense to Buy one

GTX 760 | Does it Make Sense to Buy one

This category also includes a new video card GeForce GTX 760. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price at the time of the announcement is 8,990 rubles. for Russia, 2290 UAH. for Ukraine and $249 for the USA.


Logically, the new desktop video adapter is replacing GeForce GTX 660 Ti. It is recommended for players who use monitors with 1920×1080 or 1920×1200 graphics resolution. It is with these parameters that the new video card will be able to provide an acceptable frame rate in modern games at maximum graphics settings.

Let’s look at the technical specifications of the GeForce GTX 760.

GeForce GTX 760: Specification (Specs)

Kernel nameGK104
Power consumption, max170 W
Connection typePCI-E
PCI Express Version3.0
Technical process28 nm
Maximum digital resolution4096 x 2160
Video processor frequency980 MHz + boost
Memory2048 MB
Memory typeGDDR5
Memory frequency6008 MHz
Memory bus width256 pages
SLI/Crossfire support+
ConnectorsDisplayPort, DVI-D, DVI-I, HDMI
HDCP support+
Universal Processors1152
texture blocks96
Rasterization blocks32
Standards supportOpenGL 4.2, DirectX 11
Integrated audio processor+
HDTV supportHDMI 1.4a
GeForce GTX 760: Specification (Specs)

So, we see that the new model is built on the well-known GK104 processor, which is widely used in NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, starting with the GTX 660 Ti. The processor operates at a base frequency of 980 MHz, but the technology GPU Boost 2.0 allows you to increase its performance up to 1033 MHz. But it should be noted that the actual clock frequency will depend on various nuances. In particular, if there is a lack of cooling, the processor will not be able to “overclock” to the specified frequency.


The temperature of the GTX 760 at rest is 30-32 degrees, the fan runs at 1100 rpm. Under load, the temperature rises to 82 degrees, and the fan speed rises to 2100 rpm. Noise under load is average. Recall that the maximum allowable temperature according to the manufacturer is 97 C.

Gaming performance is as expected. At maximum settings with a resolution of 1920×1080, we got the following results:

GeForce GTX 760: How Much FPS?

Far Cry 326 fps
Crysis 333 fps
Battlefield 347 fps
Max Payne 340 fps
Metro 203328 fps
Sleeping Dogs57 fps
CoD: Black Ops 380 fps
GeForce GTX 760: How Much FPS?

Summing up, we can say that we see a product slightly more productive than the mentioned GTX 660 Ti, but with a more attractive price. We also note the fact that with the GTX 760, NVIDIA closes the series of GeForce 7xx video cards.

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