GeForce RTX 3000 graphics cards can get warm, but waterblocks are on the way!

GeForce RTX 3000 graphics cards can get warm, but waterblocks are on the way!

EKWB has great news for overclockers and PC builders.

If you’ve been reading rumors of high power consumption on the new Nvidia Ampere graphics cards (which we continue to call RTX 3000 until Nvidia announces a different name) with some trepidation, you should be relieved to know that EK Water Blocks has confirmed that it will be creating watercoolers for graphics cards. new generation processors in a complete version, promising “launch closer to the release of video cards.”

This means that if you are using liquid cooling on your computer and, for example, expect to get the new Nvidia RTX 3080, you can immediately install it on your computer.

The news comes from EK Water Block’s Facebook pages (according to Videocardz), which answers customer questions about how long they will have to wait for water blocks for new Nvidia graphics cards. The good news is that it won’t be long.

The fact that the company is already developing waterblocks for future graphics cards means Nvidia should be extremely close to claiming its graphics cards. On September 1, the manufacturer has planned a large online event, many expect new video cards to be released with the announcement of Nvidia.


Graphics waterblocks allow PC builders to connect graphics cards to existing liquid cooling units, which can improve cooling performance over the fans and radiators they are sold with.

Since you need to remove the factory cooling before installing the water block – and then plug it into your existing liquid cooling system – this is the power user solution. They’re also quite expensive – the EK-Vector GPU waterblock for current generation RTX graphics cards costs $ 135 (RUR 9,000 + VAT).

However, the news is that future Nvidia graphics cards may require much more power to operate and hence heat dissipation will increase, meaning people will need better cooling methods for new graphics cards.

While we are confident that Nvidia will ship its new graphics cards with coolers capable of protecting graphics chips from overheating (usually in the form of fans), users who want to squeeze every last drop out of their graphics cards need a specialized solution, and EKWB is going to offer such a decision with the release of new video cards.

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