GeForce RTX 3000 SUPER and RTX 4000, two series of NVIDIA video cards in 2022?

GeForce RTX 3000 SUPER and RTX 4000, two series of NVIDIA video cards in 2022?

The 2022 from NVIDIA could predict not one but two sets of video cards. The first, a refresh of the current Ampere range, could give life to the series GeForce RTX 3000 SUPER and get tobeginning of next year. The second, the range RTX 4000 based on Lovelace architecture, it could arrive the same year but a October.

The leaker Greymon55 and the Youtube channel RedGamingTech (via Videocardz).

It is not to be excluded, but at the moment there is no certainty, that NVIDIA chooses the CES 2022 for an announcement with great fanfare, even if usually the company is careful to divide its announcements to get the maximum media response. CES 2022 will also be the stage for multiple announcements from AMD and Intel, so it’s possible that NVIDIA isn’t playing all the cards right now.

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As for the GPUs “Ampere Refresh“or RTX 3000 SUPER (if NVIDIA decides to reuse the brand introduced with the RTX 2000), there are rumors of a range in which a new GPU called GA103, designed to give the company more configuration options, especially in the mobile world. Recently there has been talk of the alleged arrival of a RTX 3090 SUPER based on a GA102 GPU with a higher number of cores (rumored 10752), but it is possible that the GA103 will also find space on desktop models to improve the offer in the lower series.

Since the introduction of the GeForce RTX 4000 “Lovelace” video cards is expected during the same year, the RTX 3000 SUPER GPUs destined for the desktop world may not be numerically many, but this has also been the case in the past as we have only seen three. .

As for the RTX 4000 range, after the rumors about the production of TSMC’s high-end AD102 GPU at 5 nanometers, Greymon55 says that the debut would be scheduled for October 2022, information which can already be understood from previous rumors. Obviously, from now to October 2022 many things can change and NVIDIA could revise its strategy, as a result of what has been done by the competition and above all based on the trend of the production shortage.

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