Gigabyte decides to increase the price of its graphics cards

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Again another brand is forced to make decisions that unfortunately who is harmed is the user, in this case Gigabyte You decide to increase the price of your graphics cards.

As we announced just a few days ago, in an official statement by AMD, announced the rise in prices of its graphics cards by 10%, yesterday the information arrived that Gigabyte also decided to increase the price of its graphics cards.


According to a post on Board Channels forums, graphics card maker Gigabyte announced new pricing for AMD RDNA2 models on December 1. The increase is higher than expected and affects all models except the Radeon RX 6900 XT.

This price increase is likely to affect GPU sales starting in a week or two, depending on when they are shipped out of the factory to distributors. So as we have explained to you on several occasions, at the moment it seems that next year 2022 would be the same or even worse with respect to stock and prices of graphics cards.

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We will see how all this ends and if we are in a new technological crisis, which if we were, we would be like this at least until 2024/2025 according to some data from manufacturers.

Source: videocardz and HardwareUnboxed