GIGABYTE Launches its Z490 AORUS Motherboards

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GIGABYTE today announced the new motherboards Z490 AORUS powered by 10th generation Intel® Core processors. With a digital power design of up to 16 phases and a new and improved Fins-Array II heatsink design so each phase can hold up to 90 amps, the GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS line is designed with the best thermal and power management to optimize overclocking performance in the Intel Core Processor 10-core K series.

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards use daisy chain routing with an interference free design to improve overclocking and memory stability. Select GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards deliver top-of-the-line audio quality, feature-rich I / O with built-in armor, the latest Thermal Guard II technology, and more. GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards, performance, power management, heat dissipation, audio tick all the boxes for users looking to take their computing firepower to the next level.

The tenth generation of Intel Core ™ processors with new microarchitecture has arrived. With it comes the LGA 1200 socket, which means that older platforms won’t be compatible even with BIOS updates. The Core ™ i9-10900K outperforms previous-generation processors by bringing 10 cores and 20 threads to the table along with a 20MB cache and a default 125W TDP. With Turbo Boost Max, you can hit 5 GHz on almost all cores. Increased core count and stock frequencies will likely lead to higher power consumption, as to accomplish the great task of reaching 5.3GHz across all cores, a TDP of over 200W may be required.

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards carry a full package of features, such as a 16-phase digital power design where each phase can hold up to 90 amps with its Smart Power Stage design, or a 12-phase direct power design paired with Highly durable DrMOS power stages to deliver 1440 Amps which provide the best power balance. Solid power pins on GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards ensure stable power delivery while reducing excess heat during overclocking to avoid bottleneck. The addition of Tantalum polymer capacitors improves the VRM’s transient response between high and low loads, increasing processor stability so users don’t have to worry about blocking failures caused by unstable power.

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards are designed with a renewed focus on heat dissipation. Starting with the GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS PRO, the line implements Fins-Array II technology which features a redesigned stack fin heatsink that comes with 3 times more surface area compared to traditional heatsinks and also features fins recently Reformed to allow superior heat dissipation. Direct-Touch Heatpipe II technology features a larger 8mm direct heat pipe with a shorter distance and greater contact area between the heat pipe and the heat sink to accelerate heat transfer from the VRM to the heat sinks, making it which significantly reduces temperatures. GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards implement a new generation LAIRD 7.5W / mK heating pad that offers 4 times the heat dissipation compared to traditional heating pads while increasing contact between the VRM and the heating pad, which also increases overall heat dissipation. With functionality and style, the metal backplate adds additional strength and stiffness to the motherboard, while its nanocarbon coating quickly dissipates heat from the back and PCB components.

In addition to power and thermal management, the GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards feature impressive memory configuration with single-slot 32GB memory capacity. Daisy Chain memory routing and the anti-interference design of the PCB ensure that the memory configuration is suitable for the needs of most users. Memory circuits are embedded within the PCB’s ground layers, while the PCB’s outer metal layer reduces electromagnetic interference, so those using the dual-channel configuration can enjoy overclocked RAM performance stable and high speed up to DDR4 speeds of 4800MHz. GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS XTREME features the exclusive SMT Memory DIMM design that utilizes surface adhesion solder technology so that the solder joints in the memory slots are securely attached to the PCB. This reduces signal interference between the open fiber boards on the PCB and the memory wiring. The signal stabilization function of the Tantalum polymer capacitors at the base of the memory slots further improves the stability of the board, especially when overclocking at high XMP frequencies.

In addition to the processor and RAM, storage units are some of the most important PC components in relation to PC performance. GIGABYTE Z490 series motherboards use PCIe 4.0 grade PCBs, PCIe slots, M.2 slots, and drivers for the highest bandwidth quality. Although the storage capacities on the NVMe M.2 SSDs continue to increase and many of these SSDs have two sides, the M.2 SSD heatsinks on most motherboards only cover one side of the SSD, which which makes the storage units vulnerable to overheating. To address this potential bottleneck, select GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards already implement Thermal Guard II. With unique settings from the previous generation M.2 heatsink, the new patented design ensures that both sides of the M.2 SSD cool down properly to avoid the thermal bottleneck in high speed operations.

Selected Z490 AORUS motherboards come pre-installed with the patented flexible I / O shield that adds a nice touch to the overall aesthetic, but more importantly, allows for easier alignment between the board and chassis. The shield provides additional protection to the feature-rich back panel including USB 3.1 Gen2 slots, 2.5G and 10G Ethernet, audio jacks, and Thunderbolt 3 expansion interface. The addition of the QFLASH and Clear CMOS buttons makes it much easier and Convenient for users to troubleshoot their systems or update their BIOS without installing a processor. The on-board Intel® 2.5Gbps Ethernet board offers ultra-fast connectivity that is 2.5 times faster than Gigabit Ethernet. Additionally, the board implements an Intel® WiFi 6 802.11ax network adapter and a WiFi AORUS smart antenna to deliver a transmission rate of up to 2.4Gbps. Ultra-fast Ethernet and WiFi setup means users have a flexible setup with ultra-fast and stable Internet connectivity.

When it comes to audio, GIGABYTE is always on top. Select GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards use the ALC 1220-VB audio engine and pair it with WIMA FKP2 studio-level audio capacitors to deliver high-fidelity audio. The exclusive audio design that GIGABYTE integrates ESS SABER DAC, often used in professional audio devices, as well as DTS: X® Ultra to offer high fidelity audio and the most immersive sound experience, whether for playing games or watching movies or listen to music. The Z490 AORUS XTREME flagship motherboard features the USB DAC ESSential via the USB Type-C interface and a built-in ESS SABER HiFi ES9280C PRO converter so that users can free up an audio jack and use a USB slot converted to a source output 3.5mm sound. ESSential USB DAC can also be used with Android mobile phones or tablets that have USB Type-C interfaces to provide a more immersive audio experience.

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards bring back fan-favorite technologies such as RGB Fusion with support for digital lighting strips, Smart Fan 5 technology, USB TurboCharger for ultra-fast charging on phones and other technologies. GIGABYTE BIOS has been completely revamped with a new graphical interface that displays key information on clock speeds, memory, storage devices, fan states / settings, and other important hardware information in a more intuitive and user-friendly way. Q-Flash Plus technology allows the user to keep the system BIOS on a USB flash drive without installing a CPU, RAM, GPU, and other peripherals.

GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS motherboards offer a wide range of attractive features for overclocking, gaming and more. With GIGABYTE signature Ultra-Durable technology, fully solid capacitors, digital power designs with smart fan control design, these new motherboards are energy saving and environmentally friendly, while offering the best performance and durability. GIGABYTE Z490 AORUS Gaming motherboards represent the next generation of PC technology.

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