Gigabyte unveils the world’s most compact Geforce GTX 1080

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Over a year ago, Nvidia introduced the flagship card Geforce GTX 1080. The graphics card boasted high energy efficiency, much thanks to the then fresh architecture Pascal. Subsequently, several third-party manufacturers introduced compact models, which opened up for good performance in small computer builds.

Now the manufacturer Gigabyte joins the ranks of companies that offer compact models of Geforce GTX 1080, through the unveiling of GTX 1080 Mini ITX 8G. The card measures 169 mm in length, and is cooled by a single 90 mm fan. Furthermore, the radiator is equipped with three copper heat pipes and a base in aluminum.

In terms of clock frequencies, the graphics card follows reference values ​​and in addition has an OC mode that is 25 MHz higher (1,632 MHz) at base and 38 MHz higher (1,771 MHz) at boost. This includes 8 GB of GDDR5X memory at 10,010 MHz, in line with other GTX 1080 cards without factory overclocked memory.

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Power is supplied via a single 8-pin PCI Express connector and 5 + 2 phases on the circuit board. In terms of connectivity, there are three Displayports, an HDMI and finally a DVI connector. Gigabyte has not yet revealed when the graphics card will be in store and at what price.