GMO Miner B3 – Hashrate | Specs | Profitability

Take a look a the GMO miner B3 and its specification, hashrate and profitability if you are planning on getting on. The Japanese Internet giant GMO Internet Group has always been laconic, as the performance of ASIC miners spoke more for it. Unfortunately, today the situation has changed and the company presented the unprofitable ASIC GMO miner B3, which already by pre-order mines practically to zero.

What is a GMO miner B3? Why is the device unprofitable? What are his flaws? We will talk about all this in our article!

Information – GMO miner B3

In early July 2017, GMO presented the new GMO miner B3 asic for mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The manufacturer did not create a “bicycle” and installed GMO72b chips in B3 using the 7 nm manufacturing process, which were in the previous B2 model.

What is a GMO miner B3

The main feature of the B3 is the ability to adjust the hashrate and power consumption to the environment. It turns out that in order to increase the efficiency of Bitcoin mining, the device automatically adjusts the hashrate and power consumption based on the environment. In addition, B3 is automatically updated and allows you to monitor device data in real time.

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It is noteworthy, but the GMO miner B3 is the first ASIC miner that was developed and will be produced in Japan.

Specification and Hashrate

  • The hashing algorithm – SHA-256;
  • Productivity – 33 Th / s;
  • Power consumption – 3 417 W;
  • Noise level – 70 dB;
  • Weight – 5 kg;
  • Cost – $ 1999 without power supply;
  • Start of sales – October 2018;

Obviously, the manufacturer simply increased its energy consumption, but did not work on the generated hashrate. Judge for yourself, the GMO miner B2 produced 24 Th / s at a consumption of 1950 watts. Then it turns out that it is easier to buy two B2 asics with a total hash of 48 Th / s and a consumption of 3900 watts than one B3. The logic of the GMO developers is not clear to us.

Profitability and payback GMO miner B3

Profitability and payback GMO miner B3

As of September 5, 2018, this ASIC is mining $ 2.19 per day, taking into account electricity consumption. B3 will bring you $ 787 in net profit per year.

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Here is the fun part. The average payback period of B3 is approximately 2.5 years, and this provided that the price of bitcoin does not fall below $ 7000, and the complexity of mining does not increase. Agree, this is unthinkable, and calling the B3 a profitable miner does not turn the language.


GMO miner B3 has not yet gone on sale, and already gives out such a hashrate with which in reality miners will not be able to pay off. Looking at the truth, this Asik should not be considered as a purchase at all.

If you have $ 2,000 and want to effectively mine bitcoin, then take a closer look at Pangolin Whatsminer M10, which produces 33 TH / s, but at the same time consumes 2145 watts. And if you find an inexpensive outlet, then the M10 can become the really best ASIC miner on the market.