Sony wants to expand the licenses of its video games to other markets, and a good way to do it is as revealed today, which is to announce the development of a series of God of War along with a series based on Horizon. As if that wasn’t enough, including Gran Turismo will have its own series. In this way, all these IPs, which became popular in their games for PlayStation consoles, will accompany other already announced productions, which are the series of The Last of Us, the mythical Twisted Metal or the Ghost of Tsushima movie.

Details are scarce, to the point that the only existing information is that God of War It will be available on Amazon prime service. Horizon will arrive on Netflix, and for now it is unknown where the series will debut Grand Touring.

For example, The Last of Us llegará a HBO Maxso if you are a video game lover, you will have to scratch your pocket, because the series seem to be distributed across all currently available streaming platforms, although for now Amazon Prime seems the most interesting, since they will also debut there in the future the series based on the game Falloutfinanced by Amazon Studios and endorsed by the creators of the Westworld series, as well as a series inspired by Mass Effect.

via: @gibbogam

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