Google Maps will get a new widget that will make navigation easier

Google is constantly improving its applications. It is no different in the case of Maps, which will now get a new widget. It is supposed to facilitate and accelerate the use of the application, but unfortunately – not for everyone.

In theory, reducing the number of clicks per action on a smartphone does not make a great impression on us. However, in practice, we quickly feel the difference. That’s why Google has decided to speed up the use of Maps with a new widget. By the way, its appearance has been refreshed to fit … Android 11 and 12. That’s why we mentioned earlier that the novelty will not be available to everyone. It is necessary to have one of these two versions of the system.

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On Android 12 you will be able to adjust the widget to the style of the system and personalize it for yourself. Visually, it will be different from the Android 11 version, but in terms of functionality, both versions will be the same. The user will be able to place navigation to places of his choice, e.g. home or work, as well as have a quick insight into directions on how to travel to various points. All without having to open the full application.

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A new Google Maps widget was noticed by one of Reddit users. We don’t know yet when Google decides to release an update for everyone.

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