Gpu Mining Bitcoin- Beginner’s Guide Into How it All Works

Gpu Mining Bitcoin - Beginner's Guide Into How it All Works

GPU Mining Bitcoin – Mining cryptocurrency – The first step in establishing a business on cryptocurrency is also the most effective strategy. It is based on the use of certain computer hardware and software and can be executed as a reward calculation operation suitable for the form of unit cryptocurrency.

A technique that can be used to provide mineral resources for today’s work:

  • Graphics cards (using them to mine called GPUs);
  • CPU (CPU-dig);
  • Mining Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC).

Traditional processors give little resources for mining. This doesn’t mean you can’t do with the Mani processor – maybe. But it makes no sense to build a complete CPU-farm . To deal with today, in order to successfully mine a huge amount of information, a powerful processor will be required to invest at a speed of tens of thousands of dollars – while a slower video card with a 400-500 mining speed will ensure much lower performance.

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On the basis of ASIC, the farm is being actively constructed, but as a rule, the CIS countries are not ordinary people. First, they need a lot of money, such as ASIC itself can not be called cheap. Second, they are even more difficult to play with the facts, and the relevant details in the market are not too common. In addition, for most novice miners these chips are a brand new device, not a graphics card and processor, thus avoiding longer failures and equipment damage.

Therefore, the most common and affordable option for a long time is GPU-farm, which is assembled in a basic form that can be easily assembled on the basis of ordinary units of computer equipment. For them, we will stop.

Equipment mining on the card

To create a GPU-farm mining requires a lot of technical equipment and appliances, as well as the ability to manually collect a simple computer.

The equipment required for mining includes the following components:

  • Graphics card
  • Motherboard
  • processor;
  • RAM
  • Physical memory
  • power supply;
  • Riser
  • Wi-Fi adapter;
  • housing.

Let’s start with the most difficult – card.

How to choose to dig a graphics card?

Who is considered a profitable farm, working for at least half a year. The youngest brother has no meaning: the profit is so small that the cost will be paid off quickly. If the budget allows, it is best to buy only eight graphics cards: this farm is the best in terms of average miners for income and expenses.

In addition to the quantity, the efficiency of the home GPU farm affects the quality of the card , which is determined by three key parameters of the mining environment:

  • Mining speed
  • Memory Capacity
  • Memory type

It is worth mentioning that the farm can be wisely designed to meet most existing cryptocurrencies, but in practice some video cards work better with one currency, others – with others. Therefore, it is necessary to determine that the currency type is used first to select a suitable “hardware”.

  • Mining speed

Recently, the undisputed leader in the mining industry was thought to be the Radeon of the graphics card MSI, and the RX between them – the 470 model series, was able to operate at a very decent rate of 30 MH / s (megahesh per second). Finding it is difficult now because the miners are making a huge turn in her, but if such an opportunity – to fully exploit the cost: this mature model will itself pay very fast. As an alternative, you can pay attention to the 480 and the same series of 580, respectively, which is able to see cryptocurrency revenge at a rate of 29 MH / s and 27 MH / s. In another embodiment it is slightly worse – model 570, which outputs a good indicator of the speed of 25 MH / s.

After applying to the mine graphics card model, MSI’s Radeon replacement disappeared from the market, and the steel GeForce came from NVIDIA. The leader is on the farm between them now – GTX1070 and GTX1080ti. The first in the “broadcast” gives 28 MH / s, while the second – up to 35 MH / sec, but the price she is close to 1000 $. For comparison purposes, Model 1070 can buy $550-600. At the same time budget for the GeForce GTX1060, which is best suited for mining, is a graphics card that will cost less than $500. 20 MH / s, and when properly configured, can increase it up to 22-23 MH / s – the standard rate ratio of its work.

  • Memory Capacity

This option is not always critical, but when revenge works, for example, mining for special memory for successful video memory should be placed in -DAG. Such as by about 10 MB, every 30 blocks of the tysyach that emit cryptocurrency images are increased. This usually happens every few days, and the current level of the file is a large enough discrete graphics card with 2GB of memory to handle it. Those equipped with 4GB of memory, while still responding, but soon stopped because DAG continues to grow. Therefore, when a lot of energy goes to see “Ether” is necessary to ensure that there is enough space for DAG in video memory. That is, it should be at least 6 GB in size, and better – more than 8 GB. This number is enough to preserve the success of mining cryptocurrency for any of those that exist today.

  • Memory type

The initial performance of the graphics card, the time of the first connection on the existing computer can be increased by increasing the frequency in the core and video memory of the work. Increasing its productivity is called overclocking and is done with the help of special programs, which are easily found on every card on the internet. In some cases, you can overclock the graphics card and go through the traditional BIOS.

An important condition is that the graphics card should maintain a constant acceleration – that is, to maintain its dispersion performance. From this depends on the stability of the GPU farm. In fact, the exploitation of graphics cards has accelerated some basic functions compared to overclocking of graphics cards. For example, for games, it is only necessary to select a graphics card. This figure is not good enough. According to reviews, and miners, and gamers, it is best to keep the graphics card overclocked by Samsung and Hynix.

For mining other devices on the card

Motherboard and power supply – In addition to the card, special attention should be paid to paying for two things from “Iron”.

The motherboard must naturally have ports (time slots) that can accommodate the required number of selected cards. Generally speaking, the ports PCI-EX1 and PCI-Ex16 slots. Also, don’t buy weak charging, or at one point, its resources are exhausted. A good solution is the different species of MSI Z270 (price – about $250): this is no problem, “pull” any family farm. The small budget Asus will be on the same chipset (about 180-200 $), which is the perfect 6 card for a farm. In general, the choice is wide enough. By the way, if the motherboard is purchased in the flea market or has just been released for a long time (from an old computer, for example), you must update the BIOS, otherwise there is a risk of encountering problems at the most untimely moments.

CPU and RAM , in fact, the principle is not important. For the mayningovoy farm large capacity memory is not needed – enough 4-6 GB. You can go to any online store, find the right type of goods and buy the cheapest processor and memory from the list. If the case of the processor is still meaningful, note that avoiding accidental purchases of “nouneymov” when the manufacturer is in the memory case is enough to make it work.

Again, we can do physical memory by : Digging will be enough for regular hard drives 40-60 GB. However, there are also craftsmen who use the farm at home to insist on 16 GB.

The power of the mine, in contrast to the previous components, it got better not to take. It should have two characteristics:

  1. The power supply must have a certificate of 80 + gold (not “bronze”, not “silver”, that is, “gold”, as the CIS “copper” and “silver” do not always meet the norm). This means that this power supply has successfully passed all the necessary tests and is safe according to the experts.
  2. The power supply is necessary to choose such a way that it works for about 50% of the declared capacity. That is, the energy consumption indicator summarizes all previously selected cards, multiplies the resulting number by two, and purchases the corresponding power block.

According to the budget farm, in most cases, 6 cheap graphics cards require 650W couple power. Of course, a more advanced card with higher power requires a more powerful and more expensive power supply.

Reese – saves the farm from overheating equipment. In fact, this “expander” is a ring form or plate that allows the video card to be kept at a certain distance, which will provide sufficient supply of cooling air. It is desirable to use a riser card that allows the video card to be at a distance of 17-20 cm from each other.

Wi-Fi adapters need to be connected to the farm with the internet. No need for high speed or other features – the easiest way.

The enclosure only needs to keep all the components in one location and they will interfere with each other due to overheating. Therefore, you can take it out of anything, as long as the material chosen does not melt and is strong enough to not delay the supply and discharge of air. Experienced miners like simple aluminum frames, but in general, it is a matter of taste.

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Software mining on cards

Operating system, you can choose according to your preferences. The Windows series is better to stay in Windows 10 : Practice shows that it is most likely to “fly” when using the program for mining. The family in Linux, but anyone is familiar with the user options – for example, Ubuntu Linux.

Also in the special program that is needed for work, this will allow overclocking of the graphics card. In some cases, this can be done via the BIOS, but you need to find the right solution on the internet, pointing in the search mode of the graphics card’s choice. Supervise the work of the farm, through the traditional desktop computer, through the installation of TeamViewer .

Immediately after installing the software mining you need to select the mining pool that will occur by extracting cryptocurrency. It should be guided by the following features:

  1. Power supply . There is no point in the pool, which is not able to compete with other people.
  2. Committee . For access to the paid network. As a rule, it is small, about 1%. The fly in the ointment is that 1% can be listed on the official website, but the actual contribution will be more. Therefore, the pool of choices, hope to understand the reliability of the comments.
  3. Easy to set up mining plans. This is for those who are not very familiar with the program and manually like to automatically adjust the correct one.

Once the pool is selected, you can choose to install and configure the mining plan .

Usually the pool contains information about which programs they recommend and how to configure them, as well as detailed steps to provide one-step instructions. In general, it is necessary to strictly follow all the recommendations – for example, it may disrupt the order of action, first choose a program that meets the taste and miner’s needs (designed by type of currency), and then choose the pool. Of course, you have to dig into the software part with enough confidence that the novice miner is best to bring the pool to the start.

After setting the program and specifying the address of the wallet, this will show that earning cryptocurrency is finally starting to dig .

If it is not possible to start the excavation process at once, it is necessary to guide and support the use of the swimming pool step miners and carefully review all the instructions.

At a critical juncture, you can always contact support: This question is likely to have a programmatic nature that can be easily eliminated with the help of a competent reconfiguration, which will open your way to the positive and beneficial tapping of the cards.

Video card MINING

Video card MINING

Do you often hear excavations? We bet, often. However, how many adventures you have on this topic – is completely another question. If you decide to dig into the cryptocurrency approach, then we recommend approaching the task of maximizing responsibility, especially for graphics cards.

Does this seem to be as complicated as choosing a graphics card? Just buy a new one and be more powerful. However, the complexity nowadays is extremely extensive. To this end, Coin Shark 7 presents an overview of the top graphics cards in 2018, which is based on feedback and recommendations from professional miners.


Presenting strong beauty is considered the best video card manufacturer of the year. This is done through high performance, and the fact that it is the latest novelty in NVIDIA’s graphics card makes sense. The developer releases the device, its designated game. But at the same time, miners found its benefits because of their high performance and low power goals.


Everything you need to know – great value for money. When enough decent grade equipment has a price that does not bite the wallet. The graphics card is suitable for the steep ice rink of video games that are loved at maximum speed, as well as mining.

3. NVIDIA GTX 1070

Above, we introduce you to the two most suitable monsters to dig in 2018. However, NVIDIA GTX 1070 – this is the best video device for mining revenge. Low energy consumption and heshreytom characterization.


Most not a new thing, based on the Vega architecture, has been successfully developed. This mode is considered a unique example, as the general representation of the graphics card is primarily used for games. However, Vega’s Radeon Frontier Edition is designed for a variety of scientific calculations.


We are pleased to present one of the most productive graphics companies in Radeon. The results of the graphics card are impressive, especially for mining and Monero to revenge. It has excellent energy efficiency.


AMD has been paying close attention to global trends, so it started producing videos specifically for mines. The video card is equipped with an advanced cooling system that has graphics output (miners, they are not required), as well as high performance slotless.

7. NVIDIA P106-100 (GEFORCE GTX 1060)

Another purpose for the miners to sigh. The model was specifically designed for the production of cryptocurrency, which operates on the basis of an improved cooling system, lacking a slot-based video card GTX 1060, and has a capacity several times larger than conventional video.

Conclusion: How to buy a mining graphics card ?

We have proposed a model for use by experienced miners. However, this does not mean that one of the models is 100% satisfying your desires and completing all the tasks you have in front of her. Choose to produce a cryptocurrency look at the price of the graphics card and generate a rough estimate of its return on investment. In general, there is no direct answer because it is a linear function of several variables, which in turn is connected with the kriptovalyutnom situation on the market.

Mining processor

All the word mining habits are endless rack ASICami or a lot of video farms.

The complexity of the production time is something that has been discussed for a long time and has exceeded the average range. Any PC or mining farm, a component of the processor (CPU) disappears into the shadow of the production giant.

Mining processor

A lot of cryptocurrency, its list is constantly increasing in the stage, when the complexity of mining, even produced a considerable profit for medium performance processors.

In this article, we will focus on mining all the features of the processor.

Modern mining processor

Many veterans of the mining industry with serious computing power ignore the CPU because their income is a percentage of total profit.

This stems from the computation of cryptocurrency, the complexity of the top 10 transactions in the world.

Those who are new to production and income for every penny brought their new capacity expansion cannot ignore the mining processor.

He came back to fashion, on the one hand because of the cost of producing coins, which requires more processing power and, therefore, more efficient support for the processor.

Under what circumstances is a beneficial mining processor?

As if in the aforementioned light, weird, because it looks, sometimes it may be beneficial to dig in the CPU:

Make the choice of processor profitability, the most commonly used mining. Analogs from other manufacturers will show similar results.

The key algorithm is useful for mining the processor CryptoNight.

It uses ASIC and CPU miner algorithms, and the rest of the mining consumes significantly less power.

How to configure processor mining

First of all, it needs to be specifically understood that production on the processor will bring meager profit.

There are two reasons:

Mining family or office on a PC

Since the performance of the PC is rarely on the top, it doesn’t make any sense to customize the mining processor across challenging or payment programs, for example, Claymore CryptoNote.

In addition, occasional interruptions in the production process do not require the task of overall performance.

In this case, the solution will work with  MinerGate Platform.

MinerGate Platform

The format is provided in the browser, as well as all performance statistics by installing the extension. Work needs to download miners.

Add software to the firewall exceptions and PC protection system so that they do not delete the key file.

The intuitive interface of the program.

activate or deactivate cryptocurrency

In the top menu, you can activate/deactivate cryptocurrency, which you are not interested in.

The system automatically determines the number of CPU cores in the system and allows you to choose the number of effective time processor mining.

As part of the MinerGate website can immediately sell the acquired assets or acquired cloud mining facilities for investment.

Mining on the farm

Part of the cryptocurrency involved only a small portion of CPU performance during the mining process.

Users have long understood that processors also make profits, even if they are small, still.

In the case of a dedicated device when the CPU is in an idle state, the right will be produced during production.

To do this, miner Claymore CryptoNote CPU miners.

In this case, the software shows that it is actually a significantly larger heshreyt of all cryptocurrencies, making them work profitably.

The no-pass function reduces the performance of other free miners.

This miner is a console that has no GUI and command line work.

To run the program you will need to configure the configuration file * config.txt.

The variable editing standard is this type of miner:

After all data is imported and verified, the save file config.txt is started* to start. bat.

There aren’t too many mining pools on the processor, but some multiply support this format.

In short – Mining Processor

As part of this material, we review the mining processor.

The conclusion that can be drawn from all vyshenapisannogo is that the production of the CPU, just the independent business does not make any sense.

However, as a parallel class, sharing power based on existing resources or an additional line of farms as a production process shows good results.

BTC Revenues

Mining calculator

Bitcoin’s calculator allows you to calculate revenue from mining and take into account investments in farms, electricity, interest rates and other indicators.

If you don’t know the speed of your device, you can see its table in Wikipedia.

Since the network and Bitcoin BTC are of course difficult to make the complexity of the changes in the predicted long period, the calculator is the possibility to determine the expected changes in these parameters. It is possible to change the expected complexity of the entire period of the month, how to specify each month separately.

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The column ” BTC Revenues in Mining Expectations” shows how many bitcoins will get a specific month. The amount of coins obtained during the entire period will be listed at the end of this column.

The column ” RUB income minus expenditure ” reflects the smaller value of income fiatnoy currency farm, energy costs and equipment depreciation. For example, the total profit from the mine can be positive in bitcoin, but in the ruble. This may be if the ruble’s income during this period does not exceed the cost of mining and agricultural energy costs. Monthly shows the change in the overall balance of the selected currency. The balance during the selected period last month will be the final salary for the entire period.

Column ROI (host return is in investment ) – return on investment . When this number becomes 100%, the income will be equal to the cost of buying the farm, with the remainder of the cost of mining (electricity, depreciation, pool fees), in other words folded, when the electric field will pay itself. If the income from mining will be higher overall cost, the return on investment will be higher than 100%, if the opposite – low.

Keep in mind that long-term estimates may be inaccurate due to sudden interest rate changes and complexity.

Table Mining NVIDIA

In the second thousand and seventy-seven years, there was a real boom in the popularity of mining. With the rapid appreciation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, more and more people are rushing to the electronics store to buy video cards for their family farms.

The increase in the number of applicants, the computational complexity is increasing, so if you want to do mining cryptocurrency, then it is now watching the video mining in 2018 time. Today, we are trying to understand what graphics cards are needed for revenge and to advise you the best people.

Ethereum Logo -Bit Mining

Which features are important for mining graphics cards?

First of all, what should we pay attention to, perhaps the most important measure of high-performance graphics cards in Meiningen is heshreyt. More precisely, how many hash cards can be found within the specified deadline. Usually this parameter is represented by mining ether – MH / sec, but the symbol can be used for other cryptocurrency – sol. The technical parameters of a set of video cards, and given our ultimate value heshreyta only really need to be guided. At the same time, a more powerful, more modern graphics card is better for mines. At the moment, the recently published performance of the GPU is better than the previous generation. So – the new model of the graphics card, heshreyt above.

The video card, other important parameters you should note will be displayed in the form of a list and talked about some of them about each:

  1. The volume of the video accelerator . The idea of network operation, that is, the option in Meiningen is not very important, but it is not. In fact, the more memory you have on your card, the better. Already the production of methyl ether requires at least three gigabytes of memory, and if this trend continues, demand will continue to grow.
  2. Memory speed – This is also a very important parameter as it is very much affected at the last heshreyt. We don’t recommend that you choose a card with a powerful card with today’s outdated DDR memory for first-class benefits that you can’t achieve.
  3. Memory bus – The same story in the series “The more, the better,” we recommend that you focus on the 256-digit number. The graphics card will work with fewer buses, but the final result will usually be lower.
  4. Cool down – This is really something that you should pay close attention to. Since the mining graphics card is mainly working around the clock, and when you are relatively close to other cards, you can’t hurt the well-thought-out, powerful cooling system. Remember – better heat dissipation, less heat, so the longer you live with your graphics card, the more profit will bring you. Do not lick this parameter.
  5. Overclocking potential – With good overclocking, you can bring 20% more profits in the same period. Therefore, such an opportunity will not be redundant. But don’t abuse it and rape your card. The increase in thermal acceleration patterns disproportionately increases productivity. Therefore, in the pursuit of an extra hundred megahertz, you can simply burn. Agree, this is not worth it.

Features Radeon Graphics Mining Revenge

Coincidentally, the graphics card’s AMD Radeon deservedly believes that it is based on the principle of prisoners of war, mining the best cards of cryptocurrency. They showed performance with less money than the excellent level of video chip company Nvidia. Performance – – The absolute winner in terms of price, the energy consumption in the past 2017 is 4 GB of graphics memory for the Radeon RX 470 graphics card.

Let us for the sake of clarity, the Radeon graphics card for the mining revenge table. The table below shows exactly what the latest video will be in the early 2018. They are all at the same level heshreyta from smallest to largest.

Graphics cardHeshreytETC / ETCpower consumptionEthash (MHS / W)
RX 55010 MH / sec65W0.153
RX 46011 MH / sec75 watts0.146
 RX 56012 MH / s90W0.133
 RX 47024 MH / sec120 watts0.200
 RX 570 25 MH / sec150 watts0.166
RX 48029 MH / sec150 watts0.190
 RX 580 30 MH / sec185 w ^0.162
 RX Vega 56 32 MH / s210 w ^0.152
 RX Vega 64 36 MH / sec295 w ^0.122
radeon Rx Vega 64

You can see the best card of mining ether by level heshreyta this brand new RX Vega 64, but the power is consumed with the power, in contrast to its ratio at the tail level of the list. The price is very biting. But for most of the graphics cards, the best option for your farm is Radeon’s Radeon 470 and 480.

Adopted NVIDIA graphics card mining revenge

Speaking of the opposite of the video card Nvidia, it is worth noting that they did not find the miners particularly popular. Despite some individual cryptocurrency and like these cards, quite a bit of altkoinov is better for accurately mining red camp maps. But with the arrival of the new ruler of the situation, the tenth has changed slightly. Now, the green card farm shows good results for Meiningen’s revenge. And considering that the Radeon display card will not be found now and in the afternoon with fire, they can be a good choice for mining families. Performance – – In terms of price, the main bestseller power consumption in the past year is recognized as GTX 1060 memory for 3GB.

Now let the performance of our Nvidia graphics card line 10 down to the table because we don’t have an AMD graphics card.

Graphics cardHeshreytETC / ETCpower consumptionEthash (MHS / W)
1050 GTX Titanium 13 MH / sec75 watts0.173
 GTX 1060 20 MH / sec120 watts0.150
 1070 GTX 27 MH / sec150 watts0.190
GTX 1080 28 MH / sec180W0.153
1080 GTX Titanium35 MH / s250 watts0.140
Geforce Gt 1080 Ti

As you can see from the table, the GTX 1070 proved to be a very, very good one. But her sister’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 won’t see without tears, especially considering how big they are in the difference in cost. But the most powerful card in the lineup has proven to be a good level of heshreyta, but at the same time the efficiency of each energy tile is the lowest.

How to quickly pay off the GPU in Meiningen?

As we have already said, today’s most profitable graphics cards are the Radeon RX 470 and the Nvidia GTX 1060 four plus three gigabytes. But there is only a graphics card that you can’t get. Therefore, professional miners are only considered to be at least four card farms, but more. In this regard, there is a reasonable

Question: “How long will it pay off my farm?” or “If I buy this expensive equipment, it won’t close?”.

In order to better focus on this issue, estimate all the risks that we present to your attention in another table, the most profitable is the table payback period card at the moment.

 203 days189 days (15.5% of the month)
Radeon RX 480 260 days232 days (9% per month)
 GeForce GTX 1060276 days255 days (11.7% of the month)
 GeForce GTX’s 1070 291 days280 days (8.6% per month)
 AMD RX Vega 64 300 days271 days (10.81% per month)
 AMD RX Vega 56 316 days287 days (9.5 months)

The best card for mining revenge

If, because we were asked to rank the five best cards for mining revenge, he would look like this:

RX 470 Ethereum Mining Hashrate

Regarding the RX 470, we have a lot of say in this article. In terms of price performance, she really does not have equality. At least not long ago. Once the miner prosekli this card is best for mining, the RX 470 starts to fly away. Now, they are almost impossible to find in the store, and those who have already paid too much for the high drug prices. Excited when this happens, no one benefits from it. Well, except AMD and its Wende.

An overview of the graphics card Radeon RX 480, you can use the fact that it is actually the sister of our former heroine, so the boot is especially similar. With the exception, in fact, it is more expensive, consumes more power, and shows that Meiningen performs slightly better. But during the end of the process, the 470s went to vosmidesyatki, and they were remodeled with the RX 570 behind the RX 580, which is essentially the old line.


The world’s number one mining revenge card in the 2018 Green Camp opened G60 memory for 1060 to three bytes. The card has a very good value for the price – performance and a relatively small investment payback period in mining cryptocurrency very important features. It is these indicators that make it the best choice for Nvidia graphics cards. In addition, it is quite likely to be found in the store, not the red card.

For the GTX 1070, although it is more powerful than its predecessor, it has the best performance metrics, but at the same time and much more expensive, with generally slower cost recovery results. In addition, the card sold only eight gigabytes of memory in the implementation, which is currently unrecognized in mining, however, about half of the volume is now at its own weight. The trend toward increased memory consumption continues, but it takes eight gigabytes to be still long and long.

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In our rating last went to GTX 1050Ti. Yes, this is not too strong, almost it is ok, you will make a lot of money, but she is not very expensive, so it is not too big a return period. The main advantage may be that despite all the hype, you should easily find it in the store.

Our selection of graphics cards

If you read this article not carefully enough, you should already understand that we will tell you in the last section. In 2018 began to exploit the best video card for the revenge of the Radeon RX 4XX, 5XX, and Nvidia GTX 1060 and 1070. If you can find it at the store Radeon video card, at the right price, then this is definitely your first choice. If not, the NVIDIA graphics card will also be very good.

We do not recommend buying expensive high-end graphics cards such as 1080 GTX and Vega 64 because they have a very large period of return for him. If nothing else they should only need, you are sure that you will be engaged in mining for a long time.

I hope that we can answer the question of what is the best map to see methyl ether. This article has been useful to you. All the good mood, friends, successfully developed coins.

Mining special processor

Mining special processor

The Mining Processor (CPU) today is a non-profit business because it is bitcoin in the early morning. Cards and Dedicated Integrated Computing Circuits (ASICs) – Extraction is performed through more versatile and expensive devices with cryptocurrency. Still, there are still cryptocurrencies that can be used to frank processor PCs, thus having a small and steady income.

Mining processor: pros and cons

Mining cryptocurrency CPU (mining CPU) – The most affordable way to make money, if we choose the investment from the view, consider it at the “iron” point. Any modern computer has a pretty good chip that allows to earn kriptomonety. The question is, is this process mining more energy on the GPU. The computing power of any modern CPU is much lower than the price of the graphics card.

Advantages kriptodobychi on the processor, these devices are very reliable and can always be applied to any other application. At the same time, GPU mining is more focused and guiding the entire farm power graphics card in different directions is difficult. If we consider mining for ASICs, these devices cannot even produce cryptocurrency based on re-adjustment of algorithms that are designed from underneath the device.

Is it advantageous to pass the Maini processor?

In fact, the processor mined in 2017 cannot be attributed to a popular and profitable way of cryptocurrency production. The mining processor is too small compared to the graphics card and is considered an area of investment prospects. Mining a cryptocurrency on a modern powerful graphics card is sometimes more beneficial, even if you don’t consider the cost of electricity. If we consider that electricity is not free, using a PC’s CPU barely covers the cost of mining bitcoin. So this way of seriously considering income is only possible in the following situations:

  • When a notebook computer is available, it has a powerful processor (I7 or the like) with a large number of cores and high clock frequencies. In other words, investment in “hardware” is not required.
  • Use a shared power if possible. For example, a system administrator, the entire fleet that manages a computer organization can organize virtual machines with available server processing power and use it to make cryptocurrency. This approach allows efficient use of available power at the same time, ensuring operation and digging.
  • There is a card (GPU) on the farm. The assembly farm is based on a computer system unit connected to the graphics. You can work in parallel with the GPU to mine existing PC processors and generate more revenue. To do this, you can even start investing in farm assembly and buying is not the cheapest chip.

Buy every bitcoin mining or other kriptomonet equally powerful computer.

Mining on the processor can bring in 5 to 70 cents a day. The last number looks quite attractive, but when you consider the CPU at the highest end of the full-load working clock and the high cost of electricity, mining processors seem less attractive careers.

In what processor is better Mina

Regardless of the algorithm, it is based on the specificity of the profitability of mining cryptocurrency only the impact of processor performance. Unit time can generate more calculations for your computer’s “stone” unit, and more revenue will be brought. However, it is worth considering that the investment in mining the top processor is not very effective compared to the investment in video. Such processing requires more expensive and motherboards. Total cost and price, if not the most powerful, but effective enough for discrete graphics, compare your farm. Therefore, the processor’s mining special list should not be seen. See what is better and invest the extra money in the purchase card.

What cryptocurrency profit can the processor Achieve?

The yield depends on the complexity of giving production and the correct choice of the current exchange rate currency kriptomonety. At the time of this writing, the highest yield cryptocurrency can be Maine by the time of the processor, which is Monero (XMR). It is also advantageous to produce such a ZCash, but its yield and growth amount Monero.

In addition, on the CPU, you can see cryptocurrency according to the CryptoNight algorithm. The algorithm is characterized by the need to use ASICs and GPUs when computing on a hashed CPU is less than a specific energy consumption.

If you decide to “Crypt” processors, please note that any algorithm assumes a gradual increase in computational complexity and results from a decline in profitable production. This can only be compensated by increasing the value of the coin.

Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, that is, their trading prices may fluctuate significantly in either direction. There are also frequent new algorithms for promising mining and currency. Therefore, decide what cryptocurrency am Main you need, based on the current situation in the industry. Of course, you can only answer the CPU on the popular and beginner question “Is it worth to see Bitcoin?”

 difficulty of mining Bitcoin in the past few years
The difficulty of mining Bitcoin in the past few years.

Bitcoin mining is quite ineffective on the CPU. Now this production cryptocurrency involves huge computing power, based on the ASIC. Energy efficiency and the performance of these devices are higher than the best CPUs for Bitcoin. Mining bitcoin-specific chips are left in the industry, not only processors, but also graphics cards. CPU and GPU performance does not allow for the payment of electricity.

Bitcoin mining processors are unprofitable, and it is best to use it to produce cryptocurrency algorithms that require a lot of memory, making “Asik” ineffective.

Different types of mining cryptocurrency features

Earning bitcoin and other kriptomonet may be helpful with their production (mining). This process is based on algorithmic operations and cryptocurrency emissions.

The Bitcoin algorithm creates cryptocurrency on a primary basis, and with the help of a signature (hash) with a special encryption key, the registry provides protection for transaction records. This includes information about previous operations, their hashes and random numbers, and the requirements of the algorithm. Not only does computing a hash value require a lot of computing power. The fact that the complexity of the calculation is increasing. Therefore, they should engage in search-based hash-based distributed computing only on large computer networks. In order to find the correct value miners (a computer or swimming pool) receive rewards, where the system automatically converts. A coin is produced by the launch.

The SHA-256 algorithm, which is based on Bitcoin, provides limited emissions. Therefore, the reward cycle is reduced by half. As a result, the complexity of production is growing and rewards are reduced. This is offset by increasing the available computing power and speed bitcoin.

Another feature of the algorithm SHA-256 – the speed calculation hash value depends only on the number of core and processor speed execution operations. The result is a mining bitcoin special device – ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). They are all based on the same chip, which holds RAM, ROM and multiprocessor. Therefore, this decision improves energy efficiency and production speed, but sets the hazard concentration of the hash to search on the same hand. This can cause a break in the network, especially if it is not as big as bitcoin. As a result, other money developers began experimenting with algorithms and therefore increased memory requirements. In this case, the hashed calculations for “Axik” are even slower than mining on the processor. This prevents the use of integrated circuits and, on the one hand, provides a certain protection against the concentration of the production.

Setting up mining procedures

Before you download the program’s mining and their settings, we should define the preferred currency. This is not necessarily the same as seeing cryptocurrency for that card. It is very likely to see the use of vengeful GPUs and CPUs for production or Monero ZCash.

Mining programs on the processor allows extraction of cryptocurrency and graphics. It all depends on the specific configuration software. For the production of suitable processors with mining, the program helps coins:

  • Eobot;
  • GUI miner;
  • 50Miner;
  • Nheqminer;
  • CPU miner;
  • Ufasoft miners and others.

Simply use the designed processor to work with the CPU miner program. This is enough to start, writing in the address pool of the starting sequence of the line, production and budget. To do this manually, you can create a bat file with the required settings at once.

The processor used is not less profitable on the mining card to extract cryptocurrency. Most processors cannot match the performance of the GPU. In this question: “I should buy an expensive computer and it would make sense to specifically dig for multi-core processors,” the answer is clear. Investing in expensive computers and mining powerful processors is not necessary. It is better to buy additional graphics card farms. However, if a powerful processor is already on the market, it is possible to even use it to produce cryptocurrency. The extra CPU load on the farm does not bring too much money but does not require large power expenditures.

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