Graphics card prices in October. The store revealed an update to the chart

New information from German and Austrian 3DCenter stores clearly shows that when it comes to the prices of graphics cards, it is wrong. The prices did not stagnate and they did not start to fall, continuing the upward trend lasting several weeks.

Unfortunately, the prices of graphics cards are constantly rising

Since the beginning of July, the Radeon RX 6000 cards have become more expensive and the GeForce RTX 3000 series has been troubled by the same thing since August. In both cases the prices increased from the already overstated level of ~ 150% to 183 and 172% respectively. So we are dangerously approaching the level of 200%, which in the case of NVIDIA cards may not happen, because those in the last three weeks have increased by an additional 2% in total, not 9%, like the Radeons.

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In the chart above, we can see how availability affected prices, which clearly shows that even if a lot of new copies arrive in stores, distributors and retailers will not be so eager to lower their prices. This can be seen especially in the period from September 19 to October 10, when, despite the increase in availability, the cards continued to increase in price. This, in turn, is not the best sign of an already uncertain future.

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