Greeks create urban architecture thanks to 3D printing and plastic waste

Greeks create urban architecture thanks to 3D printing and plastic waste

In 2017, the idea of ​​processing plastic waste into public facilities was born. The Print Your City project has gained momentum and recently, Thessaloniki residents have been able to remake rubbish into more useful items.

As the founders of New Raw say, plastic has a significant drawback. “It’s designed to last forever, but we often use it once and then throw it away.” As part of Print Your City, the authors of the project are trying to show better ways to use this material. The first prototypes were 3D printed in the middle of last year. Each session lasted 12 hours and used about 100 kg of ground plastic. Believing that production efficiency could be improved, New Raw built the Zero Waste Lab in collaboration with Coca Cola.

The laboratory serves as an educational center for residents. There you can learn about the recycling process of plastics, leave behind plastic waste and even design new “furniture” for your neighborhood. Greeks can choose the area where their design will be placed, as well as its shape, color and function. The ideas are also intended to promote a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Since the project’s website was launched in December 2018, over 3,000 projects have been submitted by residents. The first copies of 3D-printed furniture will be installed later this month. New Raw intends to recycle four tonnes of plastic waste during its project.

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