Hacking of “La Fonera” part 1 | Tips and Tricks

Hacking of “La Fonera” part 1
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As promised, here we start immediately with the possible changes to the Fon wireless router.
There are numerous articles that explain in detail how to start the server ssh of the Fon router and start making the changes that interest us.

In this first part, I will briefly summarize what needs to be done depending on the version of the firmware. The described methods inject html code through the web interface.

Before starting
Use as ip for your ethernet card netmask and connect the ethernet cable to the La Fonera port.
This is because La Fonera uses as the IP dedicated to management, in the event that an internet connection is not immediately available on the same port.

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Now depending on the firmware:

Firmware 0.7.0 r4

create a first file by calling it step1.html with this content: