Here are the unique ultra-light WAM-V catamarans that don’t do much with water drag

Here are the unique ultra-light WAM-V catamarans that don't do much with water drag

The Californian company Marine Advanced Robotics is definitely not one of those companies that everyone knows, but this may change after the ultra-light WAM-V catamarans conquer the market, which are unique in their own way.

The ultralight WAM-V catamarans come from the god of the seas… figuratively and literally

WAM-V is a work based on a 16-year-old prototype of Proteus with a length of ~ 33 meters, which was called the god of the sea for a reason, because, like him in legends, the boat could take various forms to easily adapt to stormy seas. The company decided, however, that such powerful ships were too large compared to what the market expected, and so the Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel catamarans were created.

The Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel, or WAM-V, is an innovative class of watercraft that uses unique suspension technology to dramatically improve marine capabilities. The articulated system uses springs, shock absorbers and joints to minimize the stress on the structure.

The result is an ultra-light, modular vessel that can operate in marine conditions where an ordinary boat of a similar size would no longer be able to function.

– we read in the announcement.

These boats come in three shapes and sizes: WAM-V 8 SV, WAM-V 16 SV and WAM-22 SV, each with its own unique set of features, benefits and uses. Regardless of the variant, these ultra-light catamarans move with the stormy waves of the sea thanks to their unique suspended brackets. They even have 360-degree rotation, are modular, and can be operated remotely or autonomously and powered by combustion or electric motors.

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The first version was designed with extreme mobility in mind, which is why it is so small that it can be loaded onto the rear of a standard pickup truck. The second is ideal for coastal and marine environments and can be set up on a trailer, folded on the beach and launched or picked up from the deck of a boat. The third WAM-V is the largest and can even conquer open oceans. All three versions are applicable to marine research, maritime defense and security, marine robotics research and general coastal exploitation.

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