Here’s an Intel cooler for Alder Lake processors. No – it’s not a joke

How will Intel revolutionize the semiconductor market?  We know the company's plan

The current 12th generation Intel processors did not have any cooling in the set, because they are simply too hot. However, after the launch of 65 and 35-watt chips, boxed coolers will certainly come in handy. Today we can finally take a look at Intel cooling for Alder Lake processors.

Intel cooler for Alder Lake processors that he revealed to the world @momomo_us, they look a bit… weird

Although we will not get to know all the details of the next 12th generation Intel processors until January 4 at CES 2022, we can already take a look at the cooling associated with them. K variants obviously do not have them, but the less efficient and thus less energy-consuming and “warming up” Alder Lake will certainly make good use of them.

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Therefore, Intel, entering a new era of processors, because with a hybrid structure of the cores, designed new cooling systems from the Laminar series. It is said that three different versions will come into play, of which RS1 will be intended for the least efficient Celeron and Pentium processors, RM1 for Core i3, i5 and i7, and RH1 for Core i9.



Also read: How will Intel revolutionize the semiconductor market? We know the company’s plan

The pictures, unfortunately, are far from the design and design worthy of the 21st century. While they may look sophisticated at first glance and may appear so inside computers, their plastic enclosures around the heat sink and fan feel as if they went back a decade in time and were “trying to be cool”.