Holograms in computer cases. Could this be the future?

Holograms in computer cases.  Could this be the future?

How will computer cases evolve after the “aquarium” era? CES 2022 is one of the few places that can provide us with the answer to that. How about that after the era of RGB and lights, it’s time for holograms in computer cases?

Holograms in computer cases. Are you buying this idea?

At CES 2022, Showcase PC showed two new cases – Solo Hologram Case and Dual Hologram Case based on the NZXT H510. They differ in the possibility of displaying one or two holograms at a time using 3D hologram fans with 224 LED diodes. These spin fast enough to fool the human eye while taking up a lot of space in the case, but that’s not surprising.

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The equipment behind the holograms requires both a large size of the propellers and an engine and its own system, which offers 8 GB of internal memory for storing animations controlled with the use of the remote control. It is to be improved over time with Wi-Fi connectivity, but the housings themselves are insanely expensive. They are expected to debut in June, but are already available for pre-order for $ 299 and $ 449, respectively. This is a significant increase compared to the NZXT H510 available for purchase for PLN 459.