How Can I Program a Universal Remote Control Without Code or Instructions

How Can I Program a Universal Remote Control Without Code or Instructions

Schedule a remote control or universal remote It is quite useful if you have several televisions of different brands in your home, since they can be synchronized with a wide variety of models, be they the most modern smart TVs or the most contemporary ones. All you have to do is program it, which takes a few seconds, and you can now use it freely.

However, to tune it with a television, it is necessary to enter some parameters indicated in the instruction manual, such as a television code that is used to synchronize the universal remote with the television according to its manufacturer’s brand. The problem is that sometimes some codes are missing in the manual or they just come without a manual. In this article you will learn how to program it without any of these requirements.

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How Universal Controls Work

Universal remotes are remote devices that allow you to operate different electronic devices, mostly televisions and video players. Its functionality makes it possible to control several devices using the same remote control to send orders and manipulate them.

How do they manage to connect with so many devices? Through a numerical code of each manufacturer and type of device. These codes are used to identify the frequency the device receives, synchronizing the control to the same infrared frequency to work in unison.

What the universal remote does is be set to a specific frequency (depending on the code) to connect with the TV, VCR or sound system. A similar technology is used by modern smartphones, which you have the option of configuring your Android mobile as a universal control.

The list of codes can be found in the control’s instruction manual. If you don’t have it, you can look it up on the Internet, though the same codes are not always compatible for all universal controls. In case you don’t have the manual or the codes, don’t worry, you still have an alternative to configure your universal control.

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How to program or configure a universal control without instructions or code

Having universal control and not having the codes can be the same as having no control. So that you don’t have to deal with this problem, we present a couple of methods so you can program your universal control even if you don’t have the manual with the codes. Remember that some steps may vary depending on the brand of control.

Automatic search

Most of the universal remote controls have a search button which does an automatic scan to find the correct frequency of the device in front of it. The button is usually next to the power of the remote and only works within a nearby area, so you should keep the control near the device you want to sync.

It is important that the device is turned on for this method to work. A steady light will indicate that the control is scanning. Once the correct infrared frequency is tuned, the code will remain stored in the remote until you pair it with another device. However, it will be faster to configure it in the future.

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smart tv animation with remote control

Use internet

On the web you will find various pages of control manufacturers with lists of codes that can work with your universal remote. Some control brands use different codes, so you will need to locate a site that is compatible with your universal remote.

To enter a code, you just have to activate the settings button on the control and set it for TV. This should turn on a steady light. And then, dial the code obtained from the Internet. If configured correctly, the light will turn off; If there was an error, the light will blink several times.

How to make a universal control work

If you’ve tried these methods and still can’t get your controller to work, try syncing it with others devices. The problem may be an incorrect code or incompatible with your universal remote control model. In that case, you should find a different list of codes. If your control is Cablevisión, learn how to configure it to take advantage of it.

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Some universal controls have USB connection that allows you to directly access its manual and solve any operating problem. Alternatively, you can download an application to control your television from your cell phone comfortably, even if it is an old television.