How do Poles approach hybrid learning? ClickMeeting looks back at 2021

How do Poles approach hybrid learning?  ClickMeeting looks back at 2021

January is the month when many companies summarize the past year. It is no different in the case of the Polish webinar, training and distance learning platform ClickMeeting. Due to the fact that today, January 24, is International Education Day, the platform decided to summarize it also in the context of distance learning.

According to data from the report “State of Online Events 2021” prepared by the company, almost 56 percent. of respondents said that after the pandemic, remote learning should still be used, but in a hybrid model, i.e. blended learning.

Learning in hybrid mode is the best in the opinion of more than half of Poles – ClickMeeting sums up the year 2021

We can say that we have already got used to the new lifestyle that the pandemic forced on us. Many of us have switched to work, distance or hybrid learning. Schools and colleges have also adapted to this, although the beginnings were difficult. When it comes to distance learning, this one had many disadvantages. What were the Poles mentioned most often? 70% of the respondents indicated that the greatest disadvantage is the backlog of students in learning and the negative impact of such a mode on building relationships with peers (68% of respondents). Almost 58% of respondents also indicated that parents had to take over the tasks of teachers, and almost a third said that remote teaching had an impact on the increase in the number of homework assignments.

2021, however, belonged to the hybrid mode, which combined stationary and distance learning. To meet new challenges, ClickMeeting decided to introduce a new mode – EDU – thanks to which presenters are able to see everyone, but the participants themselves cannot see each other. Thanks to this, they can focus on their classes, thus gaining a more comfortable learning environment. This mode can be turned on and off at any time.

Hybrid mode, not only at work, but also in education, is gaining new followers. According to the ClickMeeting study “How we evaluate distance learning after a year of pandemic”, in 2021, it was supported by blended learning by 13 percent. more than a year ago, when it unexpectedly became part of the new reality. E-learning has ceased to be an emergency measure, which gives a lot of possibilities. Due to the fact that over 41 percent. The events that took place on the ClickMeeting platform were related to education, we are constantly improving our tool to make it as user-friendly as possible on both sides of the webcams. Hence the introduction of, among others EDU mode, the function of rest rooms and an interactive board, enabling comfortable learning and cooperation in groups.

says Dominika Paciorkowska, Managing Director and Member of the Management Board of ClickMeeting.

ChlickMeeting conducted a survey to see which other platform features were used the most. The most popular were presentations (55%), followed by image sharing (17%), then interactive whiteboard (6%), YouTube video sharing (5.6%), video and audio (5.4%). ) as well as surveys and tests (4.7%).

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