How many games has NVIDIA DLSS made? Super resolution technology with another milestone

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How To Overclock Nvidia And AMD GPU

With the latest updates and premieres on the gaming market, NVIDIA DLSS technology has already hit a total of 140 games. Although the most important hundred is behind us, given that it took place in September, we can see an interesting trend of a significant increase in the popularity of technology.

After breaking hundreds of titles in September, NVIDIA DLSS went to the next dozen games

Just two months – that was enough for DLSS to spread to over 140 games. Recently it made its way to Horizon Zero Dawn, Icarus, Chorus and Lemnis Gate, breaking another barrier. Yesterday, an unexpectedly exclusive title for PlayStation received update 1.11 on the PC, which added successively support for NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR. Relevant comparisons have already been made, but we should be most interested in the fact that DLSS improves the liquidity of this title by up to 50%.

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The second new game from DLSS is a science-fiction game with survival in the background. Icarus premiered earlier this week on Steam Early Access with support for NVIDIA DLSS. Interestingly, this game is the first to use the RTX Global Illumination Infinite Scrolling Volumes technique.

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The next two games that have lived to see DLSS are the single-player Chorus (45% increase), where there is even Ray Tracing and a strategic FPS with turn-based combat called Lemnis Gate. This game, however, will wait until December 14 for the appropriate update and will significantly benefit from DLSS, because the liquidity in it is said to be improved even twice.