How to Activate the Led light or Flash Notifications Samsung Galaxy A10, Grand Prime and S10

How to Activate the Led light or Flash Notifications Samsung Galaxy A10, Grand Prime and S10

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The notification LED of a mobile device is extremely important so that we can be aware of all the notifications that are coming to us. WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram messages, voice calls, etc.

Whatever the LED is, it is important to not having to turn on the device all the time to be able to visualize if something came to us, a situation that if we repeat it throughout the day can result in a rather large waste of time.

That is why the LED notification light on Samsung phones is something quite known to all users, since make known when there is a missed call or message received that we have not yet read and without the need to unlock the mobile.

Generally the latest models incorporate this system, although in some cases it is necessary activate the notification LED light depending on the version of Android which is installed.

The design of this LED has the goal of capturing the user’s attention when there is a new event on your phone this is really useful especially for those users who keep their phone silent.

So when flashing LED light the user may realize that there is a important notice on your mobile.

How to activate the LED notification light on any Samsung

Sometimes on devices Samsung comes the notification LED deactivated and you have to activate it manually, that’s why in this article I want to show you how to activate the notification LED, keep reading and you will be able to have it activated quickly.

The great thing about notifications from the LED is that you can configure everything as you want, from how many blinks it will make depending on where the notification is and even the color. You can put green for WhatsApp, blue for Facebook, white for SMS messages, etc.

Activate the notification LED on any Samsung It is very simple to achieve, below I will give you 5 simple steps to be able to activate the LED notification light on your Samsung:

1.- First you must go to main menu from your phone.

2.- Then you must look for the application of Settings or Configuration.

3.- In the settings menu you should look for the tab Device me.

4.- Now, you must select the option that says Display Indicator.

5.- Finally you must select all options, in this way you can activate the notification LED light for low battery, voice recording, phone charging or any other notification.

Change the color of the Samsung notification LED light

Do you see how easy it is to activate the notification LED? But wait, this system can offer you more. it’s possible customize LED light color so that you can identify what type of notification it is.

For instance, the light may blink in various shades, It can be assigned the color red if it is the email, in purple if it is a WhatsApp message, in green if it is a notification from Facebook or blue if it is some missed calls.

The color of the light will depend on your taste, thus being much better to have a different color for each type of notification, so you will already know what it is about, if it is urgent or can wait.

LED notification light color

This is a process that you can do with almost all phones inteligentes Samsung, entre ellos el Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, A3, A5, A7, A9, J1, J2, J3, J5, J7, E5, E7, Grand Prime y Grand Neo.

If your phone does not allow to activate the notification LED light For some reason, don’t worry, we have developed different guides, in which you can find an application that can simulate the same task. Just keep looking through our articles and, for sure, you will achieve your goal

Notification LED on Samsung Galaxy

Some Samsung do not have notification LEDs, We are talking about widely sold and recognized models and without a doubt it is a big problem to be able to be aware of everything that is coming to us.

Keep in mind that phones like: Samsung Galaxy J1, Galaxy J2, Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 They do not have notification LEDs, believe it or not.

Even if we go to the case of the Samsung Galaxy J1 Prime, Galaxy J2 Prime, Galaxy J3 Prime, Galaxy J5 Prime and Galaxy J7 Prime they do not come with notification LEDs either How do we solve this problem?

Luckily there are very useful apps such as “Flash Notification” that are used precisely to use, by activating the mobile phone flashlight, its light as notification LEDIn this way you can be aware of all the messages that are coming to you; yes, it is not ideal, that is quite clear.

But it’s also pretty clear that you can’t fix the problem, some mobiles already come without the LED and it is not something that can be added later, so there are not many options.

cell phones that come without the led

One of the most popular Samsung devices, at least in what would be the low-middle range, is the Samsung Grand Prime, launched a few years ago, still in different countries of the world. it is still a device to consider to acquire.

In fact, surely there are many people who, since they bought it, are still with their faithful friend who does not abandon them, because without a doubt, it is a Very good quality smartphone and quite durable, unlike the Samsung Note 7 obviously.

Activate notification light on Samsung Grand Prime

When we come across this device, we are going to see quite positive features that surely delight more than one. First of all, the 5-inch screen which is an ideal size, so that it is not too small but not too large.

In turn, one of the problems that those of us who have a device of this model have always had, is the notification light, that in a certain version it has some tricks to Android (KitKat) it was impossible to operate.

The point is that this device had received the version 5.1 Lollipop and since then it is totally possible to activate the led notifications on any Grand Prime.

Best of all, it is possible customize the heats of it in order to be able to identify which notification light corresponds to, without having to be unlocking the mobile, as in any other device.

enable led light

How to update my Samsung mobile

Obviously, if you have had your mobile for a while and have never seen any update option jump, you should look for it yourself. To do so it is recommended that you have, first of all the battery charged to 70% or more.

In addition to have clearly WiFi connection, so that the update is downloaded that is not exactly light.

Now if you only have to go to Settings, once there we will go to where it says About the device and then we will Update software.

Here you see the option to do it, You must follow the steps that are indicated right there, but keep in mind that it takes a bit (well, not too long, at most half an hour, but I think even less).

The point is that after download and install the update The mobile will restart and it will take another time to start again (this happens only once, then it starts normally). It is not that complicated and in reality, you do not have to do anything or almost nothing.

Now that you know how to activate this system, what are you waiting for? you will be able to know what type of notification it is without unlocking your mobile.

As always, we suggest you Tell us if you were able to activate the LED light on your Samsung. Or if you have any doubts, do not sweat using the opinion box that is below this article. So we can know if it was useful to you.

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