How to Add and Remove Watermarks in Excel – Configure and Customize

How to Add and Remove Watermarks in Excel – Configure and Customize

In the development of this article we will teach you how to place a watermark on any document, and in this way to be able to protect that your contents in Excel are plagiarized by malicious people who want to present your document as their own. A watermark can consist of both an image and a simple text that will allow you to personalize the document.

What are the benefits of using watermarks on your documents?

There are many benefits that you will get from using watermarks on your documents. Watermarks are texts or images located at the base of the Excel document. Therefore, it must have a certain degree of transparency in order to be seen in the background behind the text. Among the benefits of using a watermark, we have:

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It serves for identify the owner of the content of a document in Excel. We recommend that when inserting a watermark you do not choose intense colors, as it will serve as a distraction and the main content of the document will be lost.

Better presentation

Watermarks every day is one of the tools most used by organizations both private and public because they allow to present documents in Excel by adding logos, badges or the name of the company to be represented. This particular method adds a degree of ownership to the document presented and provides publicity to the organization.

Avoid plagiarism

Surely you have made an effort to create content in Excel to solve some problems in a simple way. However your work could be exposed to plagiarism or copying by someone else in order to present it as yours and profit from it.

Therefore, we recommend that you place watermarks throughout the document to avoid in any way that your intellectual creation is registered by another. It should be noted that this is not a definitive way to protect yourself from the possibility of your creation being stolen.

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How can you add a watermark to your spreadsheets?

In these lines we will describe how to insert a watermark in an Excel document, since this program does not have an option properly called add watermark as in Word. Therefore, we will use some tricks in Excel to carry out this tool that prevents plagiarism of works.

Next, we present the two methods used to add watermarks to Exce spreadsheetsl that with so much effort and work you have designed to organize and present your content. are methods used to protect others from copying other people’s works by pretending to be their own:

Inserting texts

You can place a watermark by inserting a text, you just have to: Open the Excel document, go to the bottom right of the sheet, select the second box called “page layout”, position yourself on the sheet again, place the text you want in the “add header” box, edit the size, font and font color according to your preferences.

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remove watermark in excel

You can also enter the option “Page layout” from your Excel document, opening the “view” tab and selecting the page layout option, which allows you to view the document on separate sheets, print mode style.

You can also add an image and logo, following the steps below: Open the document in Excel, stand in the lower right corner On the sheet, select the “page layout” box, choose the “Layout” tab, place the cursor on “add header”.

Choose the image tool, choose the image you prefer within your files, to configure the image (size, color and position) select “format the image”

What steps must be followed to remove the watermark in your Excel?

To remove the watermark on a sheet or document in Excel, you just have to: Enter the document, position the cursor at the top of the document, click on the blue box that will appear and delete the writing or image placed as a watermark. Later, go to the “view” tab and select normal to see the sheet without splitting.

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