How to Add Friends on Discord – Add Contacts and Make New Friends Online

How to Add Friends on Discord – Add Contacts and Make New Friends Online

Undoubtedly, the characteristics and advantages of Discord make it one of the best applications for voice-chat and gaming. In any case, it is essential that you know how to add friends to DiscordWe will talk about this later

What are the best Discord servers for meeting people and making more friends?

After downloading Discord on your mobile or computer, it’s time to find friends. You can directly add the people you know, but if you want to meet new people, it is worth joining some of best Discord servers.

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Server decorations

It is not a specific server, but there are many servers that talk about decorations and improvements that we can use in Discord. From the official page of the Discord servers you can find many servers of different themes among which are this type of servers.

Karaoke lounge

Karaoke lounge is a very famous Discord server, as its name suggests it is specifically focused on singing. It is a special place for all those who love to sing and wish share your voice with others. The server has its rules, so we recommend that you read them verbatim before interacting with other users.


If you want to improve your English, you can opt for some free options, among which we find Discord’s English server. It is a good option for all those who want improve your level of English interacting directly with native speakers of the language.

Homework Help

As its name indicates, the Homework Help server is a space where you can receive help for different subjects academic nature. In any case, like many of the servers we are talking about today, most of the content is in English.

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Official Fortnite

If you are a Fortnite lover, then you must join this Discord channel in which this popular video game is talked about. It’s a great place to find people to play with, discuss tactics, or talk about game news. Without a doubt, one of the best spaces for lovers of this title.

Methods of finding people within Discord

After finding people, it’s time to add them to your account. There are several ways to carry out this process, but if you want to do it directly, you will need to have the username and DiscordTag of the person you want to add.

With the DiscordTag number

If you want to add friends on Discord, you will need to have the username and the DiscordTag. The DiscordTag is represented by the numbers that come right after the username. In any case, it will be necessary to copy both username and DiscordTag to add people. So when adding someone the information should look similar to this ‘Person # 1234’ example.

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Using username

The username alone will not be useful to add people, since Discord requires that the DiscordTag be added, which is the user identifier. If you still have questions, read the information we mentioned before to add people with their username and their DiscordTag.

add friends to discord

How can I add friends to my Discord profile?

If you want to create and assign roles in Discord, the first thing is to add new friends to the platform. There are several ways to carry out this process, but you have to know the basics in the event that you meet someone and want to add them. You can add friends as follows.

From the user’s profile

If at the time of playing you meet a user or want to add a new friend, you can right click on their photo and select ‘Profile’. After the above, just click on ‘Send friend request’ to add this person to your friends list.

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Clicking on your profile

There is another easier way, simply by clicking on the person’s profile. For example, if you were playing with someone on a channel, on the right you will find the profile of that person. Just right click on their profile and select ‘Add friend’.

How can I cancel a friend request?

Discord doesn’t allow canceling friend requests, which means that you have to wait for this person to accept the request and then you will have to remove them from your friends. To do this, simply go to the person’s profile, right-click on it and select ‘Remove friend’.