How to Automatically Update WhatsApp to its Latest Version?

How to Automatically Update WhatsApp to its Latest Version?

Although it is not recommended to automatically update all applications on Android, it is often necessary with certain Apps. A clear example of this is WhatsApp, which needs to be constantly updated to function properly. Today we show you how to update WhatsApp.

Before updating, how do I know if I have the stable version or the beta version?

The average user can access two WhatsApp app versions, the beta version (for testers) and the stable version. Sometimes it is necessary to know the version you have to proceed with its update. In the following way you can know which version of WhatsApp you have.

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Stable WhatsApp application

If you want to check if you have the stable version of the WhatsApp application, enter the application store. If no message regarding ‘beta testing’ appears, then you are not in the beta tester program, which means that you have the official version of the application.

Beta version for testers

If you want to know if you are a WhatsApp beta tester, enter your mobile application store. In the case of Android devices, all you have to do is look for the WhatsApp application, enter it and if the message is displayed ‘You are a beta tester for this app’, then you have the beta version of the application downloaded.

How often should I update WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp application is constantly updated, so it is recommended to visit the application store from time to time and check for a new update. In any case, the same application notifies you when it is necessary to update WhatsApp. Don’t worry, you can update the application when the notification appears.

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How to update to the latest version from the Play Store?

There are two ways, the first is to do it when the update notification appears on the screen. The other is to go directly to the app store, search for ‘WhatsApp’ and update it. Both methods are valid to have the latest version of the application.

Why is it important to keep my WhatsApp updated to the latest version?

Having the application updated means that you can use the new functions that are constantly being added to WhatsApp. In the same way, with the passage of time it becomes completely necessary and the same application will will notify that you must update.

Reasons why WhatsApp cannot be updated

Update errors are rare and are usually due to basic problems, such as lack of space on the device. Read on for the most common reasons why you can’t update the WhatsApp app.

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In case an error code appears

This is rare, but error codes can occur when using the Play Store. In any case, before doing anything, make sure you have storage space to download the WhatsApp update. In most cases this is the cause of errors when downloading updates.

If you already did the check, the first thing is check the error code that appears on the screen. Sometimes Google shows the cause of the problem directly, if so, simply apply the solution that is shown on the screen.

update whatsapp to its latest version

Lack of storage

As we pointed out, the most common cause why you cannot update applications (including WhatsApp) is that you do not have space on your mobile. Fortunately the most recent versions of Android they will notify you when you have little space and you can release it directly by removing other applications.

In any case, if you don’t want to delete any application, it is best to delete the duplicate files from your mobile device. This will be useful both for WhatsApp, and to keep the mobile in perfect working order. Having the device too full will slow it down and overall performance worsens.

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What to do if the legend ‘Invalid package file’ appears

It is a rare error today, mainly present in older versions of Android. In any case, if this error appears, when clearing the application cache (WhatsApp in this case) can help solve the problem, but there are also other things you can try.

If the error still appears, try restarting your device. On the other hand, it may be that for some reason the connection is blocked on your mobile (something very rare for WhatsApp). in this case, you could try using a VPN.