How to Burn My Own Custom Music or Audio CD on Windows and Mac

How to Burn My Own Custom Music or Audio CD on Windows and Mac

Nowadays, music or audio CDs, depending on the choice, are used less every day. Since most people prefer to use programs like Spotify to download or listen directly the audio you want.

However, despite the changes, in which we practically have a large repertoire of music on our mobile devices and with different players, music CDs are just getting safer and reliable.

However, despite the times they are useful. Either to listen to them in the car, on the computer or simply because you want to get back to using your old stereo.

However, if you want to make a music CD and still has no knowledge what are the instructions to follow, this post is for you.

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In this article we will explain in detail how to burn a music CD on PC easy and free. So if you want to know more, we recommend that you read on.

How to burn a music CD on PC?

The first thing to do keep in mind to burn a CD, are the tools to be used. This time the following will be used:

  • CD-R (recordable)
  • Windows Media or iTunes

After having what you need to make the recording; the process can now be started. In this regard, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Locate the button on the CD-ROM door and press it to open the tray.
  • Next you need to insert the CD-R (recordable).
  • As soon as the PC detects the presence of the CD, you must select the option to Autoplay to burn files to the disc.
  • Then you will have to close the autoplay tab. And from the desktop enter Windows Media Player.
  • When opening the program, immediately click Burn. Then select optionAudio CD”.
  • A panel will then appear, located to the right of the desktop. in it you must add, in a list all the elements of music that you are going to record.
  • The next step is to click on the menu, exactly in the “library” option. There will appear all the musical themes that the computer has.
  • Select the items you want to add to the CD. this is done dragging them one by one up to the panel.
  • By last, select the option “Start Burn” and immediately begin the process of downloading the CD.
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How to burn free music CDs on Mac OS or Windows

Fortunately there are various options to burn your music CDs and enjoy them whenever you want. It should be emphasized that some programs are paid; but most allow you to make recordings for free, fast and easy.

how to burn muscia cd

This time alone do you require, have a PC, a blank CD (preferably 700 MB) and a program that allows recording.

Burn CDs with Windows

If your operating system is Windows, you really have various options that allow you to burn your CDs. Since it is possible to get multiple types of free software designed for this type of recordings.

Next we will show you the procedure to do it:

  • The first thing the user must do is download and install a free program called CDBurnerXP.
  • Then enter the CD in the computer.
  • Access the CDBurnerXP program
  • On the application’s home screen, you must choose an audio CD.
  • A window will appear in the upper left, with the file containing the themes to be recorded.
  • You must drag each song to the bottom of the left. Which is where the CD is located.
  • Then you must press the option that says “Record and the process will start. It should be taken into account that the recording time will depend on the number of files that are being passed.
  • Finally, remove the CD. and you’re ready to listen to it whenever you want.
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Burn CD with Mac OS

If you are a Mac user you will surely be interested in learning how to burn music CDs with this operating system. We will tell you how to do it below. So please follow all the steps carefully.

  • Download and Install a named program.
  • Then insert the CD into your computer.
  • Enter the downloaded application.
  • Next you must select audio element which is at the top. In addition, you must configure the audio CD, located on the right.
  • Then, from the Finder you must locate the folder of the files that you want to transfer to the CD.
  • Drag each topic to the window that says Record.
  • Add the title or name of the song and press the record option.
  • At the end of the process, remove the CD from the computer and it will be ready for you to use it on any device.
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Remember that to burn an audio or video CD or DVD, you must take into account that the recorded material must be your property or have the relevant permissions, but possibly the action you are taking is not legal.

Even though at present the CD they have been long forgotten. There are many people who still make use of this kind of disc to save all kinds of data, now we will talk about how to record audio on CD

Obviously they can continue to be used without problems. Although the space they have has become quite obsolete taking into account the DVD and USB drives. In case DVDs are already in the past for what is data storage.

However, for things related to music the picture is quite different since a good amount of songs can fit on a CD.

So if you want to know excuse me create a custom audio CD Today we are going to see the steps you have to follow to achieve this.

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Note that it is illegal to record content of authors without their consent, so only record content of yourself or of people who have authorized you to record their creations.

How to create audio CDs

  • The first thing you are going to do is insert the CD on your computer. When you do, Windows opens an automatic pop-up window. Just close it without touching any of the options.
  • After this you will have to open the “Windows Media Player” lifelong.
  • Then you have to click on “Engraveand you’re going to have to search all the songs that you want to record and that are in the library. You can look for them in the bar on the left.
  • In short what you have to do is click on the song, hold down the mouse button and drag that song, then release.
  • Once you have all the songs selected, the only thing left to do is press on “Start recording”.
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burn cd from computer

How to burn a CD

In the end, as you can see, it is not difficult to learn at all how to burn a custom audio CD. What you should keep in mind is that CDs are currently still used for everything related to audio because it is very easy to always have a device to play them.

However, in case you want to save important information as a backup, it is not at all recommended that you use a CD not even a DVD.

In the case of for backups it is best to use a USB drive They are more reliable and have more space than any of the ones mentioned above.

In addition, it is always recommended have a cloud backup just in case something could happen to the physical unit where we have all our data saved.

This is extremely important, have a backup of the backup we already made, for more security.

how to record music or audio cd

As you can realize burn a CD with your favorite music, it is a really simple and inexpensive process.

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Then Why do not do it? We hope that this post has been of great help to you and that you can carry out all the steps correctly.

Any kind of doubt you have about how to burn a custom audio CD you can leave it in the comments a little further down.

Remember that in Look How to Do it we have a wide variety of tutorials Similar to this one where you will be able to evacuate any kind of doubt you have.