How to Buy Bitcoin – The Simplest Step By Step Complete Guide

How to Buy Bitcoin-complete guide

f you would have bought $ 1,000 of Bitcoin in 2011, you would be a multimillionaire today. The price of Bitcoin continues to rise and in 2019 Bitcoin remains one of the investments that offer one of the highest potential returns. We analyzed all French brokers and brokers from 2019 and found that eToro is the best site to buy bitcoin in 2019. Read our guide below to learn more about how to do it.

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Buy Bitcoin

  • Leverage effect: risk reduction in Bitcoin purchase
  • Market liquidity 
  • 100% regulated
  • Crypto CopyFund – copy Bitcoin traders in 1 click!
  • Buy BTC via Paypal, CB and many more ways to pay
  • Very low commissions

How to Buy Bitcoin in 5 Minutes with eToro

How to buy Bitcoin with eToro: step by step

1. Open an account on eToro

  • Go to and click on “Register Now”.
 Open an account on eToro - bitcoin
  • Fill in the fields with your first name, last name, username, email, password and phone number. Check the box ‘Terms & amp; Conditions’ and click on ‘Create Account’.
eToro-Create-Account-2 - fill in details - how to buy bitcoins
  • You will then be accepted on the trading platform. This is where you can buy Bitcoin.
eToro-Platform-3- where you can buy Bitcoin

2. Deposit Funds

  • Then you have to deposit funds into your account. Click on the “Deposit Funds” button in the lower left corner.
eToro-Deposit-Funds-4 - bitcoins
  • Then you will be asked to enter the amount you intend to deposit. Once you have decided, enter your method of payment. Your options are Credit / Debit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, UnionPay, Sofortuberweisung, Skrill, Neteller, and others! If you choose by card, enter your card number, expiry date and CVV.
eToro-Payment-Method-5- how to buy bitcoins
  • Scroll down and enter your billing information. This includes your name, address and phone number. When done, click on “Send”.
eToro-Billing-Details-step 6-how to purchase bitcoins
  • You now have a funded eToro account. You will receive an e-mail to confirm this and your capital will be displayed at the bottom. To buy Bitcoin, go to the next section ‘Buy Bitcoin’.
eToro-Real-Equity-step7 on how to purchase bitcoins
  • If you want to deposit more than 2000 €, for security reasons, you must verify your identity. This is possible by clicking on the “Complete Profile” and following the required steps. You will be asked to verify your identity with a passport or other accepted piece of ID, as well as to verify your address. You can do this by sending a copy of a utility bill or bank statement. Once verified, you can deposit more than 2000 €.

3. Buy Bitcoin

  • Click on “Negotiable Markets” in the sidebar. Then, at the top, you will find the different markets where you can buy. Unfortunately, Bitcoin ETFs are not yet available. Click on the “Crypto” section
eToro - Trade Crypto
    • You will then see all the cryptocurrencies that you can buy. Choose Bitcoin and click on the price with a ‘B’ next to it.
eToro - Buy Bitcoin
    • Then you can decide the amount you want to buy. Click on “Open a Negotiation” and congratulations, you just bought Bitcoin!
eToro-Confirmation-Ticket-step on how to buy bitcoins

Options to buy Bitcoins in France

Although today there are a multitude of channels for acquiring bitcoin, online purchasing remains the main acquisition option. But there are several methods of acquiring bitcoin online. Indeed, depending on the objectives of the investor, a specific purchase method is more or less recommended. Brokers and trading platforms are the two main ways to invest in bitcoin online. Each has peculiarities and policies that differentiate it from the other. In addition, depending on whether you choose a broker or trading platform, you have access to different investment options; and enjoy various benefits and trading tools.

Buy Bit Coins

There are two possible avenues to take when buying Bitcoin in France. You can either buy them directly or indirectly. Direct purchase of Bitcoin means buying cryptocurrency, but to really own it you will have to go through several steps. The other way is to buy Bitcoin as a CFD.

CFDs, or difference contracts, expose you to price fluctuations without having to worry about finding a wallet of crypto-currencies and downloading it. This does not mean that the direct purchase does not have its advantages.

1. Buy Bitcoin via an exchange (not recommend ed )

To proceed directly to the purchase or sale of Bitcoin you must go through the exchange platforms that allow you to actually own the cryptocurrency. The brokers offer you only operations of pure speculation on this asset, and without you having the effective property.

On the other hand, it is important to underline the problems with the cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • The first disadvantage is the lack of security. Trade is not regulated so your funds will not be protected. 
  • The second disadvantage with exchanges is  the time needed to verify your account . Account verification can take weeks and exchanges can also limit the amount of your deposit. A larger deposit can often take weeks or even months to be treated.
  • And finally, trading tends to require much higher fees than regulated brokers for buying and selling Bitcoin and all crypto-currencies.

2. Buy Bitcoin via a CFD broker like eToro

  • Leverage effect: risk reduction in the purchase of Bitcoin

Trading CFDs allows you to trade leverage. Leveraging means you do not have to reduce the total size of the transaction. Rather a fraction of it, which in turn frees up your funds for different investments.

The process of buying Bitcoin using suppliers like eToro is much easier than figuring out which portfolio you can trust and how much each exchange will cost you commissions. For more information, scroll down to get an overview of the best exchanges to buy directly. Before going into the step-by-step guide to buying Bitcoin online, there are two other things you should consider.

  • Liquidity – easy entry and exit
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When trading through CFD providers, you are exposed to two liquidity markets. Q hat is it mean?

This means that it is much easier to get in and out of a negotiation. The liquidity of both markets means that executions are instantaneous. When you buy directly through an exchange you only have trading liquidity, and because crypto-currencies are so new, it often means that you enter or exit a negotiation with a lower price because that there are not enough buyers or sellers in this market. This problem does not occur with brokers like eToro.

  • Regulated by the financial authorities

The last point is regulation. Crypto exchanges are unregulated, meaning there are no third parties enforcing security procedures or similar processes. An example might be if you had to lose your password from your crypto wallet, there is no customer support to help you access. Once he’s gone, it’s over! The regulations require these types of services from brokers. If the same scenario occurred with eToro, you should go through some security checks, but eventually you will not lose the funds in your account.

How to buy Bitcoin via exchange platforms

If you want to buy Bitcoin via an exchange despite the risks we have presented, here is a list of exchanges available to do so.

1. Open a wallet to store your Bitcoins

Open a wallet to store your Bitcoins

Before you even buy Bitcoin choose a wallet

There are various platforms that act as middlemen in the purchase of Bitcoin online. Before buying Bitcoin directly, you must own a wallet, which involves getting a Bitcoin address. If you buy Bitcoin using eToro, you will not need a Bitcoin wallet.

Getting a portfolio involves choosing a vendor to use, then downloading a portfolio or using a web browser version. Most exchanges offer you the opportunity to use their wallet or you can normally get a wallet via cryptocurrency directly.

2. Choose a Bitcoin exchange

 Buy Bitcoin with Coinbase

Coinbase is the easiest and fastest way to buy Bitcoin. It offers you the opportunity to have your wallet with them and buy crypto-currencies in the form of bitcoins in a very simple way. If you sign up with my invitation, you will earn $ 10 when you buy $ 100 or more of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

  • If you do it by bank transfer, you will have to wait 1 to 2 days (1.5% commission).
  • By using a credit card, you can buy them instantly (3.5% commission).
  • You can also use your Paypal account for instant transactions (3.75% commission).
  • If you do a lot of shopping and want everything to go faster, it’s best to link a debit / credit card to your account or bank account. When you have done it, you just need to buy the Bitcoin you need, and these will be deposited in your wallet.

Buy Bitcoin with LocalBitcoins

This is a platform designed to make person-to-person (P2P) purchases ; one of its advantages is therefore to be able to deal directly with other users. You can even make plans with someone in your city and buy them from them in cash.

In sellers are those who choose the means of payment. In the United States, this is usually done by bank transfer, although there are also cases in which the seller accepts PayPal or other means of payment such as Skrill, Moneygram Western Union, etc.

The purchase system is very safe: when the transaction is initiated, the seller’s Bitcoins are deposited on the platform until the payment is made, and once the seller has been paid, the Bitcoin are transferred to the buyer .

Buy Bitcoin with Kraken

Kraken is another market where you can trade and buy Bitcoins, or other crypto-currencies like Ethereum. The first thing is to get level 2 verification so you can buy a digital currency with dollars.
In Kraken, they usually take longer to verify your account than in the previous proposals, but if you find that your Level 2 check already has a few days waiting to be verified, just send an e-mail to ( [email protected] ) and ask them if they are missing data or if there is a problem. In this way, I was checked the same day.

  • They allow you to make bank transfers, which are free and can arrive the same day.
  • With your level 2 audit, you will be able to transfer a maximum of $ 10,000.00 per month ($ 2,000.00 per day).
  • It is a secure platform (2FA), quite intuitive, but a bit difficult to manage at first time.

3. Buy Bitcoin and transfer them to your wallet

Buy Bitcoin and transfer them to your wallet

Commissions when buying Bitcoin

When you buy Bitcoin via an exchange, a commission will be charged. This varies according to the exchange, but will normally be between 1% and 5%. As an incentive to buy more Bitcoin, the bigger the purchase, the lower the costs, which is not the best tactic.

For example, in Coinbase, they charge you a commission of about 1.49% for both the purchase and the sale. At LocalBitcoins you can trade without having to pay a commission to the platform, but commissions are needed to maintain the system, so it’s not negative either, as miners have to get some sort of compensation for their work. block and you get Bitcoins in your wallet a lot faster.

But ultimately, it costs you more than if you deal with CFDs.

The payment methods available to buy Bitcoin

The payment methods available to buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin with credit card

Today, credit card is one of the main means of payment accepted by sellers and intermediaries to buy Bitcoin. It is indeed accepted by brokers and numerous trading platforms. It has several advantages, including the speed of funds availability. But there are more or less important fees in relation to its use. These vary according to the provider. The ideal would be to choose the trading platform or broker that offers the best value for money.

If you do not have an account but want to buy Bitcoin quickly, the Coinbases verification process is very long. It may take a few weeks before you are verified and able to buy Bitcoin, unlike eToro you can buy almost immediately. In fact, you can deposit a small capital without verification to speed up the process. Larger quantities require more in-depth controls.

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal

Coinbase only allows you to buy Bitcoin with Paypal if you are a US citizen, which is obviously not ideal if you do not live in the United States. They intend to deploy this in all countries but currently it is not available.

For this reason, it is best to use eToro when using Paypal.

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill

Compared to how it works, Skrill can be described as an online wallet that allows users to shop online without having to go through their bank account or use a credit card. Although the procedure may seem long for some, Skrill is now a channel that tends to be used more and more for cryptocurrency purchases. There are several platforms that accept Skrill to buy Bitcoin. The most popular is surely the VirWox platform. You must create an account and then provision it using Skrill as a deposit. Once the deposit has been made, proceed to the purchase of Linden Dollars for sale on the platform. These Linden Dollars thus purchased will be used to obtain bitcoin on the platform.

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Buy Bitcoin with prepaid cards (Neosurf, Neteller, Paysafecard)

Given the widespread adoption around bitcoin, more and more tools are being made available to allow everyone to buy it. The use of conventional channels such as bank transfer or credit card can sometimes be very problematic for some buyers; especially when they are looking for anonymity. There are certainly some sites and platforms that offer their customers to buy bitcoin without having to identify themselves, but the procedure can be tedious.

Since it is now possible to use them to buy, prepaid cards are a much more convenient alternative. There are indeed today, several sites that accept as a means of payment, Neosurf, Neteller or Paysafecard.

Buy Bitcoin with Neosurf

The procedure for using it is very simple, and in addition, it has the merit of exempting the user from having to produce proof of identity.

All you have to do is go to any point of sale (supermarket, newsagent, etc.) and obtain Neosurf prepaid cards according to your desired amount. Each of these cards has a 10-digit code. It will simply provide these codes to the amount desired at the time of purchase to confirm the transaction, and thus become the proud owner of bitcoins.

Buy Bitcoin with Neteller

Simply put, Neteller offers a financial intermediation service. In other words it is an intermediary between your bank account and the site where you buy your bitcoin. Its use is very simple. All you need to do is first credit your Neteller account with your bank account or any other accepted means. Once the transaction has been confirmed and the funds are available on your Neteller account, you can use it to buy bitcoin at any site that accepts this method of payment.

Buy bitcoin with Paysafecard

Just like Neosurf, Paysafecard is a way that allows you to buy bitcoin in cash. This is indeed a prepaid card that is accepted as a means of payment by some sites cryptocurrency. 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 euros are the different coupons available and these cards are on sale everywhere. Simply go to a supermarket or newsstand, for example, to get one. You will only need to provide the card code at the time of purchase to confirm the transaction.

But it should be borne in mind that the main limitation to using prepaid cards to buy bitcoin is the irreversibility of the operation. A Neosurf, Neteller or Paysafecard card used can not be canceled or refunded. So make sure the seller is reliable before making a prepaid card payment.

LocalBitcoin, Coinhouse or Zebitcoin are sites where you can use a prepaid card to buy bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin by phone and SMS 

This method little known and still little generalized to buy Bitcoin through your phone packages. There are many sites to do this like bitcoin-central, but most of its sites are often criticized by consumers and shut down, usually one after the other.

The most recommended procedure is to use your mobile plan as a first step to get Amazon gift cards via Phone Alchemist. You must first have an account on this platform that offers you call premium numbers to credit your account. This credit will then be used to obtain Amazon gift cards. Finally, go to where you can sell these gift cards for bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin in other French-speaking countries

Buy Bitcoin in other French-speaking countries

The main idea behind the implementation of bitcoin was to make it an asset accessible to all, regardless of the country of residence. This same philosophy has in some ways been taken up by the exchange platforms and brokers who propose to facilitate the access of the general public to this cryptocurrency.

Buy Bitcoin in Canada

If you live in Canada, you can also get bitcoins on eToro. Bitcoin vending machines are much more common than in France. There are in fact about 140 in the country. And of course, trading platforms and regulated broker sites are available in both English and French.

Moreover, in contrast to France, the Canadian authorities are rather pro-cryptocurrency. Regulatory measures have been announced by the authorities, but the government also plans to enforce certain contracts via cryptocurrency. In addition, Canada entered the club of countries in 2017 also with their cryptocurrency. Impak Coin (MPK), in this case, is Quebec’s cryptocurrency that has made history by becoming the first in Canada to be authorized by regulatory authorities. Check our guide to buy Bitcoin Canada to find out more.

Buy Bitcoin in Switzerland

Buy Bitcoin in Switzerland is very simple: just follow the steps of our guide as if you are in France. You can use the eToro broker to buy Bitcoins in Switzerland. Check out our guide to buying Bitcoin in Switzerland to find out more.

Buy Bitcoin in Belgiquemaroc

Buy Bitcoin in Belgium is also very simple with eToro: just follow the steps of our guide. Check our guide to buy Bitcoin in Belgium to find out more.

Buy Bitcoin in Algeria

It is also possible to buy Bitcoin in Algeria on eToro and on some exchange platforms. But you should know that the majority of trading platforms like Bitfinex, Coinbase and Kraken are not available in Arabic. However, the eToro broker is available in Arabic and accepts customers from Algeria .

It is important to note that there is no bitcoin ATM in this country.

Although the cryptocurrency market in Algeria is rather recent, the government does not like the blockchain. For the country’s authorities, bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have long been the prerogative of illegal activities. And that is why the Algerian government intends to prohibit any activity related to this technology as soon as the 2018 Finance Act is implemented.

Buy Bitcoin in Tunisia

You can also buy bitcoin in Tunisia on eToro. eToro is available in Arabic.

There is also no Bitcoin ATM in Tunisia. But unlike the Algerian government, the Tunisian authorities are pro-cryptocurrency, They have also initiated many actions to promote the use of this new technology in trade within the country. The goal is to make Tunisia, one of the first countries in the world to use cryptocurrency in its transactions.

Buy Bitcoin in Morocco

Crypto-currencies have been banned in Morocco since 2017. There is no bitcoin ATM in Morocco either. In fact, there are only two in Africa. One in South Africa and the second in Nigeria. Trading platforms and regulated brokers, therefore, remain the only reliable means of investing in Bitcoin.  Check our guide to buy Bitcoin Morocco to know more.

More useful information about Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Understand how it works before buying Bitcoin in 2018

Before buying Bitcoin, it is important to know exactly what it is. In simple terms, Bitcoin is a digital currency that has the value assigned to it.

Designed as a payment system to take away the power of centralized institutions, banks, and governments, it was projected onto a peer-to-peer registry otherwise known as blockchain.

This blockchain is where a record of all transactions is kept. Once a block (of transactions) is added to the blockchain, it can only be deleted if the entire network agrees with it.

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The chances of this happening are minimal and that’s part of what makes blockchains so safe. Once a block is added, it is not deleted and therefore a history of each transaction is available.

Bitcoin offers a safe, fast and inexpensive way to pay or transfer money cheaply because country borders are no problem. Buying Bitcoin can also be a good way to protect your savings, invest your capital and speculate on price fluctuations.

To buy bitcoin in 2018 is still a wise decision because the value of this asset is still low.

Bitcoin is the leader

To buy Bitcoin in 2018 is to buy the most “solid” cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be developed. Everything else followed the path of Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin has had some problems. Being the first to appear, he was also the first to fall in price. But every time he gets up, he’s always stronger.

Bitcoin is the leader

There have been many other crypto-currencies that have followed the course of Bitcoin and are doing well, with innovative ideas, but Bitcoin continues to remain the market leader.

Traditionally, the price of Bitcoin is valued against the US dollar and the symbol BTC / USD is frequently used, which is essentially the value of Bitcoin in dollars.

But beware buying Bitcoin is not without risk. Even if buying Bitcoin in 2018 is a very wise investment. The majority of experts agree that this asset will explode in the coming years, it is nonetheless an asset with extreme volatility.

Buy Bitcoin in 2018 – is it a good idea?

Buy Bitcoin in 2018 while prices are still at their lowest

Bitcoin is no longer just a trend. The Bitcoin market has seen the strongest growth in the entire financial sector and despite calls that crypto-currencies are in a bubble, there are still two counter-arguments that should involve you in the cryptocurrency market

There is a real innovative technology behind cryptocurrency. The underlying value of blockchain technology is high

The invention of the blockchain will change the world. Several companies already exist giving access to technology to SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) which, in turn, will considerably improve the efficiency of these companies.
Investors can clearly see the value that Bitcoin has and this is why we have seen its growth of more than 20,000% in 2017 alone.

To answer the question: “should I buy Bitcoin in 2018? “

The answer is yes and no.

If you want to invest in crypto-currencies, buying bitcoin is one of the first automatisms. However, other crypto-currencies that have much higher growth potential must also be taken into account.

The ideal is not to put all your eggs in one basket and to have a diversified portfolio by buying Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

How to buy bitcoins without verification of indentity?

Check our guide to buy anonymous bitcoins.

How to buy bitcoins quickly?

Check our guide to buy bitcoin quickly.

Should I buy Bitcoin or Altcoins?

Buy Bitcoin in 2018 or diversify are an investment portfolio

Altcoins (alternative corners) are basically all other crypto-currencies that are not Bitcoin. The fact that they have given a name to this concept shows you the power that Bitcoin has on the market.

This does not mean that other crypto-currencies have no value. Ethereum (or Ethers) is currently second in terms of market capitalization. Ethereum has developed a blockchain that can work with other blockchains simultaneously. This basically means that you can develop your own cryptocurrency without building your own blockchain.

market capitalization bitcoin

There are several other crypto-currencies that offer a good investment opportunity: the Ripple, the Litecoin and the Dash, to name just a few, are all interesting prospects. With the appearance of all these new currencies, the reach of cryptocurrencies is increasing and there is now a great deal of information that you can get about crypto-currencies on reputable websites such as invezz and buyripple that offer all the latest news and news on the subject of crypto-currencies.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are the market leaders and have won the trust of millions of investors, there are also many questionable crypto-currencies. It is recommended to buy Bitcoin or only crypto-currencies of confidence and with “backing”, in order to avoid a loss of your capital.

What can you buy with bitcoins?

In addition to being a high-yielding financial asset, bitcoin was designed primarily as a means of payment for goods or services. The notoriety it enjoys at the moment adds to its legitimacy as a currency. So you have the opportunity to buy just about anything with bitcoin. And this, no matter your location on the planet. However, there are very few countries in which bitcoin has a legal tender; only one to be more precise, and this is Japan. Moreover, its volatility is pushing merchants to accept this method of payment and currently, in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, it is still very little used.

How to secure your Bitcoins?

Security should be the watchword for any investment in a financial asset of the kind bitcoin. Its very high course makes it an object of great covetousness. So much so that the threat of theft is omnipresent. So it’s not enough just to spend a lot of money to buy bitcoin. We must also make a point of choosing the best way to store them. While there are several online wallets that offer relatively high levels of security for cryptocurrency conservation, the danger remains real and pervasive. Regardless of the resource devoted to the establishment of a system of extreme security, there will always be individuals who will devote as much to find gaps.

But right now, colds wallet storage is the best thing about secure bitcoin storage. These are physical wallets in the form of mass storage media that allows you to store your bitcoins offline, thereby limiting the risk of hacking. The most recommended are Trezor and Ledger Nano S. Check out our guide on how to open a Bitcoin wallet for more information.

Bitcoin Recommendation Coin list

As highlighted in this page, buying Bitcoin in 2018 is easy! Decide how to buy it is yours. For beginners, we believe that buying Bitcoin through a regulated provider is considerably safer than an exchange, which can be more complicated. Buy Bitcoin in 2018 is very simple is currently very profitable, but exchange platforms can sometimes do this hacker, which is not the case of brokers

In other words buying Bitcoin via eToro or other regulated broker is more secure is simple than buying Bitcoin via trading platform like Coinbase.

When you start, it’s so important to have someone to talk to and the exchanges do not offer that. Brokers are regularly audited by FCA to ensure your needs are being met.

Once you have a better handle of crypto market operations, then you may be able to invest directly in Bitcoin. But until then, we advise risk management, and this is done in the form of regulations.

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