How to Cancel Sending a Message on Snapchat – Quick and Easy

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Delete messages on TikTok

How to Cancel Sending a Message on Snapchat – Quick and Easy

One of the features that have made the Snapchat social network very popular is your courier service and snap fast shipping. Users can take photos with filters and record short videos of important moments and share them with their contacts and friends.

When preparing a photo or video to send as a snap, the application offers the user the opportunity to customize or configure the snap. In this way you can determine who you will send it to, if to all your contacts or to someone in particular. So how do you send a private snap? And if I want to cancel your shipment, what can we do? In this post we will show you the steps to achieve it quickly and easily.

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What is the procedure to send a private snap from the mobile application?

Being able to send a private message is a very desirable feature in any social media app. Snapchat offers its users that opportunity. There are messages we just want to share with someone in particular even though we have many contacts on the web. Here’s how to do it.

Log in to Snapchat, then create a snap and then tap on the blue circle with a white arrow at the bottom of the ‘send to’ screen. They will appear to you the options to send to all contacts, group of friends, etc. As in this case it is private or for someone in particular, select the person’s name and click on the white circle with a blue arrow and your message will be sent.

How can I cancel the sending of my Snapchat message?

Due to the ease and speed with which we can send messages on Snapchat, many times we make the mistake of send a message to someone wrong or with a content that we do not want. Fortunately we can cancel your submission if we act quickly, that’s one of the benefits of Snapchat. We are going to show three ways to do it.

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With airplane mode

Proceed to activate airplane mode on your mobile, this could be the fastest option we can turn to. This function prevents the execution of any action on the device, preventing Snapchat from uploading the message and sending it.

Disable WiFi

If your Internet connection is a Wi-Fi network, proceed to disconnect it from your device. If it is within your reach, disconnect the router from the electrical connection to act more quickly. Also make sure that your mobile does not have Internet data activated.

Delete the message from your history

If any of the previous actions had positive results, the message will be pending to send in the sending history. Now we have the opportunity to permanently delete it by deleting all the messages from that chat. Remember that the important thing in these cases is to act quickly. There is also the possibility that your internet connection is slow and takes time to load and send the message which will give you time to act.

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What can I do so that my contact does not read the message I have already sent?

Snapchat automatically deletes messages already read in personal or group chats. As long as the message has not been read will remain in the recipient’s tray until he reads it. This in turn will allow time to delete it from the chat history.

An unread message can be deleted if it belongs to a particular chat. If the message is sent in a group chat, then only we can delete it for everyone in the group and not for someone in particular. To delete a message and prevent my contact from reading it if they have not done so yet, just click on the message for a moment and the Delete option will appear. We select and that’s it.

It must also be taken into account that Snapchat sends a notification to the contact that we delete the message. So this will realize the action we have taken.

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As we have seen, canceling the sending of a message on Snapchat is simple and fast, without many complications and no need to have advanced knowledge. So, if you haven’t already, download and install Snapchat and enjoy the functions it has and thus share great moments with your friends.