How to Change or Modify the Size of a Table or Column in a Word Document

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How to create a table of contents in Word

How to Change or Modify the Size of a Table or Column in a Word Document

When you need to save written information and require a lot of performance, office programs like Word are very useful and are very easy to use. Word is a program that comes inside the Microsoft office package you have other programs like Excel or PowerPoint.

That is why it is very necessary that you acquire and install Microsoft office on your pc. If you need to change the size of an office table, you may not be able to do it without help, since it is something that is beyond our sight. However, here in this article We will show you how to resize Word tables.

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What is a Word table and how to add it in the program?

These are the ones that contain columns, rows and cells, this table model is very similar to the Excel ranges, on the other hand in Word they are not shown. In the boxes you can write numbers or letters and order them in the best possible way. Tables in Word are a bit similar to those in Excel, but they are a bit easier to use.

What recommendations should I keep in mind before resizing a Word table?

Always keep in mind how many tables you really need, depending on how extensive the content is, you will have to have a large table. Besides, also make a calculation of the size you want the text to be that will go inside the boxes, since the Word tables are ordered only by the lines and does not conform to the volume of the text that will go inside the lines.

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So if you have a long line and you type a sentence or a relatively short word, the size of your table line will remain the same. Although this automatic order may seem misaligned to you, it really is not, since it always maintains the line size so that the box can have even dimensions. Another thing you have to know is that you may see that the size of your table is very small, but sometimes the lines and columns are invisible, but they are still there.

How to increase and decrease the size of Word tables?

The easiest way to do it is increasing the lines and columns to the tableTo do this, open the Word document or if you are creating a new document, just open a blank document. Add a table and place the mouse on the edge of a row, once you do this you will see a small logo in the shape of a circle with a “+” sign.

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the easy way to add columns in word

Clicking on this small logo will add a row, depending on the number of rows you want to add, keep pressing the logo until you have all the ones you need. But instead if you want to add columns you have to move the mouse to where the vertical lines are and the same circular logo will appear with the “+” symbol.

You just have to click it and a new column will appear and depending on the number of columns you want, you just have to keep pressing the “+” button. The downside of having a lot of columns and rows in a Word table is that the boxes will get smaller and smaller so we will have to bleat the size of the letters. But in addition, to increase the size of the Word tables, you can also combine vertical and horizontal sheets in order to place another table.

To do this you just have to shade the columns or rows you don’t want and press the delete key on the keyboard. The columns or rows that you shaded will automatically be eliminated, once you have done this you can go to the corner of the table where there is a small white box.

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Now you press it and drag it out or in so that equally increase the size of all the cells in the table. So the content you write in such boxes will look better. In case things don’t work out with Word, you can import text data into Excel to work more comfortably.