How to Change the Date of Birth on your Instagram? – Android, iOS and PC

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How to Change the Date of Birth on your Instagram? – Android, iOS and PC

The Instagram platform, after its acquisition by Facebook it has grown to considerable levels. The mobile application currently has millions of users, including yourself.

To create an account you must have previously filled in your personal information or it should have been filled in automatically with the your Facebook account information. If you think there was an error or you still want to change your date of birth, here you will learn how to do it.

What are the reasons why Instagram asks for your date of birth when you register?

There are several reasons for user level and commercial level For which not only Instagram, but any social network requests this type of information from users when they open their accounts on each platform.

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Sensitive content

One of the reasons why not only social networks but any online platform needs know the date of birth of their users so that minors are not shown sensitive or explicit content.

With the user’s date of birth entered in the registry, platforms and social networks such as Instagram filter underage users to protect them from content that should not be available to them


This is the main reason by far why any social network wants not only your date of birth but also any personal information that may be relevant for advertisers on the platform.

As mentioned previously, with your date of birth indirectly you are giving them your age And with this they will not only be able to determine if you are suitable to see sensitive content: with this information they can help advertisers to define your interests to show ads that may interest you.

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What steps do you have to follow to change the date of birth of your profile on Instagram?

First you must be logged into the device in which you are going to make the change of the date or change to the account that you will modify if you have multiple accounts open on a single device. You can do it both in a web browser (being the Google Chrome browser the one that has the best support) and in mobile devices, whether Android or iOS.

In any of the mentioned devices, we just have to go to the configuration section of our profile after you have logged in. Although depending on each device, the path to access will be different:

change date of birth instagram application

In the web

Unlike the applications for Android or iOS mobile devices, the web version of Instagram has many limitations, among them is that of modify the date of birth in our personal data.

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After logging in to the web version of Instagram, enter your profile by clicking on your username or photo. Once inside your profile, click on your profile picture located in the upper right corner and go to Settings.

Then from this section enter the section Privacy and Security: then go to Account data> View account data. From there you can see the date of birth that you have on your Instagram account.

Keep in mind that from the web version you can make other changes to your Instagram account, such as setting the privacy of your stories, changing some of your data, changing passwords and much more.

From Android

Enter the Instagram application and log in if you have not done so. Once you are on the main Instagram screen, tap your profile icon– This will take you to the main page of your profile.

instagram date of birth taking photo

Once there, tap on the hamburger icon in the upper right corner and enter Settings> Account> Personal Information and you will see some private data of your account: among these data will be the date of birth which we can modify.

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With iOS

The application for iOS devices is the same for Android devices so the procedure to make this change in our account on an Apple device will be exactly the same as any other mobile device.

Enter the application and log in if you have not done so, go to your profile, click on the hamburger icon and follow the route Settings> Account> Personal Information. It only remains to make the change.

These are the ways to modify the date of birth in your Instagram account. The important aspects that will be affected by your experience on the platform will be announcements displayed by Instagram and access to sensitive content depending on your age. Remember that you can also make your Instagram account private from the settings.