How to Change Your Disney Plus Password From Any Device

How to Change Your Disney Plus Password From Any Device

How to Change Your Disney Plus Password From Any Device

Over the past few years, the entertainment world has been dazzled by the different streaming platforms. The way of watching movies and television has changed with the massive popularity of services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, which offer an innumerable number of audiovisual productions in their catalog.

There are a large number of alternatives to enjoy the content of movies and series through the web, among these is Disney Plus. A streaming platform that offers all audiovisual material that belongs to the Walt Disney production house.

How to change the Disney + password depending on the device you use?

The Disney Plus service has the facility of being able to access through different devices and offer shared accounts. Yes the account owner decides to change the passwordYou can do it through different means in a very simple and fast way.

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From your pc

To change the Disney Plus password on your computer, you just have to log into your account through the official website of the streaming platform. On the main screen, you have to click on your profile and go to the ‘account’ option. Within this category, click on ‘change password’ where you will put the current and new password.

On an iOS and Android mobile

If you enjoy this service through the phone app, it is also possible to change the password within its settings. To be able to change it, you must follow the following steps:

  • Enter the app.
  • Log in.
  • Enter your profile by pressing the icon in the lower corner right of the screen.
  • Go to ‘account’.
  • Press the ‘password’ option.
  • Write the current password in the first bar and then the new password in the second bar.
  • Hit ‘save’.

Apple TV, PlayStation y Xbox

The version of Disney Plus for movies or programs on a Smart TV and other consoles such as Apple TV, PlayStation and Xbox, as well as its versions for mobile and PC, has included the settings change account password. You just need to complete the steps below:

  • Enter the account and access your profile.
  • In the options on the left side, press the gear icon.
  • Go to ‘account’.
  • To enter in the ‘password’ category.
  • Enter the current password, and underneath write the new one.
  • Click on ‘save’.
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How to confirm the password change for your Disney + account?

Once the password has been changed in Disney Plus successfully, it is only necessary to confirm if it was done correctly. And given the case where it is a shared account, it is necessary log out of all devices who are using the service. After this, it is required to enter again but with the new password.

modify username and password in a disney account

How to reset your password in case you have forgotten it?

One of the most common processes that users can go through, and that becomes detrimental to the use of the streaming service, is forgetting the access password. This can be frustrating for many but the truth is that there is a method to access the account once again creating a new password.

What you have to do in this situation is go to the Disney Plus platform, through any device, and enter your email. At the time of requesting the password, select ‘did you forget your password?’ and at that moment a code of access will be sent to the email associated with the account.

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Upon receipt of the mail with the six-digit verification code, they must be copied and stuck in the Disney + access bar. The platform will ask you to enter the new password and when you type it, click on ‘continue’ and the password will be changed.

What are the hours and means available to request help from Disney +?

One of the benefits of the Disney + service is that it has a help center on its official website, where you can find frequently asked questions that can solve problems presented by users of the platform. East It is available on the Disney + website and it is accessible at any time.