How to Change your Profile photo on Likee to Personalize your Account

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How can I recover my Badoo account

How to Change your Profile photo on Likee to Personalize your Account

One of the new trending apps that is revolutionizing the world of making short videos and streaming, is Likee, which, like Tiktok, has the same theme, but with different designs and endless innovations for those who like to record videos. You can download the Likee app from Google Play.

More, however, can you believe that upload or change a profile picture It is something very simple to do in any application or social network to which you have registered, but the reality that in Likee app the procedure is a little more extensive.

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First, enter your Likee account, go to the upper left and click on the colored heart, a box will appear with the text of “go and edit your profile”, click there and the option to “edit” will appear, they click and later select upload profile picture and you select the option if through your gallery or from your camera.

How is it preferable to upload your videos to Likee to have more visits?

Without a doubt, knowing this turns out to be very useful for those fans of making their own videos, therefore, if you want to know what are the best options, I recommend the following:

Duration less than 60 seconds

However, one of the favorite functions of video and content creators is to make short videos that show the content of what you want to communicate quickly and explicitly. People are more interested in watching funny, entertaining and that are not of long duration so they can view more of these in no time.

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Entertaining or trendy content

In addition, create content that is creative and innovative captivating viewers turns out to be a good strategy to get more visits and more likes.

Creating attention-grabbing content works be a difficult task but not impossibleTo do this, dedicate most of the time to making videos of one or a few specific topics, doing something different from the others and that are striking and attractive to the eyes of the people who appreciate it.

upload videos to likee app very easy and fun

What options do I have to share my content from Likee?

In this amazing application to make shorts, streaming or direct, there are different ways to share your videos or your content on other social networks, allowing to enlarge the visualization of the same with those people who still do not have it, this also encourages those users who do not have it to download it, these social networks are:

On whatsapp

As in all apps similar to this, you can also use the option to share the content and my videos to WhatsApp or to the status and this can be done at the time you are uploading the video or when it is already published on your Likee profile.

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for instagram

Like sharing your content on WhatsApp, you can also share or send as direct messages to your followers on Instagram or simply post the content in your stories with just one click.

On Facebook

Likewise, it is great to be able to share your videos and content with one of the most powerful social networks in the world, as is Facebook, this option is also enabled for this giant and can be done during the publication of the video or after it has been published on your Likee profile.

How is your content monetized on Likee?

This platform represents a threat to Tiktok, And this is due to its super developed monetization system, the way to earn real money within the platform derives from these very important functions.

share likee videos on other networks

Live broadcasts

Undoubtedly, widely used by users, in such a way that making a live video, as in Tiktok, allows them to share content and receive gifts, in this case they can be Likee seeds or diamonds that can be exchanged for seeds, in turn these can be exchanged for real money, where 210 seeds are equivalent to the value of $ 1.

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In this way, this option has become very attractive for users who love this function within these applications.

Thanks to the number of followers

This is a very important role since the more followers love your content, the more beneficial it is to be able to earn money, they can simply send you a giftI know that later you can change for money. Therefore, standing out in unique and relevant content must be crucial in order to increase your number of followers.

You can also request the verification of your Likee account or what is popularly known as acquiring the “crown” of Likee, this is for 100% active users on the platform with a greater number of followers within it, who request its verification by the application, as well as the monetization of their videos.

step to delete your Likee account

By own sponsors

If the above is magnificent, then this leaves more emotion, knowing which product brands or worldwide recognized marketing companies (sponsor) They can use your image to advertise and popularize their products, offering a payment for it. This can be a bit difficult to achieve, but not impossible, just take the time and effort to stand out from the crowd and create high-impact, far-reaching content.

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How to delete or deactivate your Likee account?

If you are not satisfied with the application, taste or personal topic and want to delete or deactivate it permanently, in this fragment I will show you how to do it.First, you must log in to your account and go directly to your Likee profile, then you must click on “Settings”Then we go to the “account” menu and there we will see a sub menu with the option to delete account.

Important note: when you click delete account, it will forward you to a screen where it will ask you if you are sure to delete, when placing next, it will ask you to leave a comment about the reason why you delete your account, they send you a spam email so you can complete your account deletion request .