How to Close a Session in Telegram from a PC? – They will not enter your account

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How to Close a Session in Telegram from a PC? – They will not enter your account

Telegram is an application that has risen to compete directly with the greatest exponent of instant messaging applications, WhatsApp. Its rising success is due to the remarkable importance they place on security and privacy, overtaking WhatsApp in functions such as self-destruct messages.

Another important function is to log in to several devices at the same time, so that you can manage your account from mobile devices or computers. To keep the privacy of your account protected when logging in on other devices, learn how to properly log out of Telegram.

What if I forget to log out of a computer that is not mine?

With total comfort, you can access your Telegram account from anywhere using all kinds of devices or computers. But by doing so, you may accidentally leave your account open on a foreign device. Fortunately, there is no reason to worry, because with Telegram you can log out remotely.

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It does not matter if it is an open session from Telegram Web, Telegram Desktop or Telegram for mobiles; you can log out from anywhere at any time. You can even, as part of the security options, assign an extra password or pin to reinforce the privacy of your chats.

How do you check a PC where I did not close the Telegram session?

In case you suspect that you have left the session open on some other computer or device, you can check your doubts yourself using the Telegram application on your device. To do this, you must enter the application and access the ‘Settings’ of Telegram.

In the ‘Privacy and security’ section you will find the privacy settings for your connection status, profile photo and phone number, among others. Slide the menu down until you find ‘Active sessions’.

There you can check the data of each device where you have an open session and the most recent date your account was used on those devices.

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What methods are there to log out of Telegram from a computer?

If you discovered that there is an open session that does not correspond to any of your devices, you have various options to close it immediately. You can log out of a specific device or all other devices remotely using the following methods.

Log out of a computer

For Telegram Desktop users, they must display the side menu of the application and go to ‘Settings’. Once there, they will be able to access the ‘Privacy and security’ section; then they open ‘Active sessions’ and navigate through the list of devices where there is an open session and select those in which they want to log out.

For Telegram Web users, whether they use the K or Z interface, they must enter ‘Settings’ and search for ‘Privacy and security’, where you will find ‘Active sessions’ and you can close session on any of the devices displayed on the screen.

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close session in telegram

Finally, for users of the Telegram application, swipe to the right to display the application menu and open the option ‘Devices’, where they will have a list with all the active sessions and they will be able to close them very easily.

To log out of all devices

If you are not sure which session corresponds to which device, you can log out of all devices (except the one you are using) from the same section where you close individual sessions.

Both in the mobile application and in Telegram Desktop and the two Web versions, you will see the option ‘Close all other sessions’ in the ‘Active sessions’ or ‘Devices’ menu. By pressing this button, all sessions will be closed immediately.

Where do I check that I have successfully logged out of my Telegram account?

To verify that the procedure has worked properly, you must re-enter ‘Active sessions’ or ‘Devices’ from the platform in which you have kept the session started.

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If no other device is listed, it means that you have logged out successfully and your privacy is completely safe. This is just one of the many aspects that determine which is the best application between Telegram and WhatsApp.