How to Close my Open Sessions in Outlook – Mobile Devices, PC and Mac

How to Close my Open Sessions in Outlook – Mobile Devices, PC and Mac

All email platforms similar to Outlook works as a means of communication with which we can communicate with friends; so it is only logical that we have personal information there.

So, it is very important that we always verify that we do not leave our session open on any mobile device, where anyone can do something to harm us. In this article we are going to show you how you can close your accounts in Outlook and how you can identify from which device they are logging in.

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Why is it important to properly close my Outlook account?

Generally, when we use Microsoft’s Outlook email from our mobile or laptop, it is normal for us to leave this account open. However, if we are using a computer that is not ours, it is important that we close the session because we deprive another person to see our things personal.

Many people who have left their accounts open on other devices have been compromised with your privacy, and scammers seek to damage your reputation by sending messages pretending to be you.

How to identify which devices are using my Outlook session

The process of identifying if someone else has logged into your account is a function that the same platform offers you and it’s easy for Outlook security. Enter your Outlook account from the browser, in case you do not have an account there, you can create it in a few steps.

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Once you are in the account, go to the right side of the screen and touch the option that appears from ‘View account’. In that option look for ‘Security’ and click on ‘Review activity’ under the ‘Review recent activity’ tab where you must put your password to access.

Most likely, Outlook support will send you a verification message to verify your identity, so you can see if someone else is logged in. The platform will inform you from which place they have connected, from which device, the day they connected and the IP address.

Steps to remove a device that I do not recognize and keep my session open

To close the sessions of your Outlook account from devices that you do not recognize, you have to follow a few very simple steps that we are going to explain to you now. First of all, since you are at the beginning of Outlook, go to the nut icon to enter settings on the right side of the screen.

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When you’re in there, go to the ‘General’ option and select in ‘Mobile devices’ and delete all in which you want to log out and that’s it. After deleting these devices it is also important that you change the password of your Outlook email and put one that is different from the one you had and much more secure

How to authorize a new mobile device from my PC for Outlook?

Authorizing or enabling the use of a new device from your computer is very easy, you just have to enter, in your account, to the ‘Settings’ of your Outlook. There, go to the options under the ‘General’ tab and select ‘Mobile devices’, and in the table that appears with the devices click on ‘Enable registration’.

With this option you will be able to give the permission to such device to be able to enter the Outlook platform from it without any security problem.

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What if Outlook doesn’t allow me to log out from the browser?

This situation should not surprise you, as it is something that happens very often when we enter our Outlook email account from our computer’s browser. And it usually happens because, generally, usual browsers tend to do a log and save a lot of personal data.

This is activated in the browsers so that, in subsequent opportunities that you go to enter your account, you do not have to put the data again, if not it comes in automatically.

To prevent this from happening, what you have to do is delete the history saved by the browser (s) that you use frequently on your computer. Make sure you close the account as it should be, by clicking on your profile picture at the top of the screen and pressing ‘Sign out’.