How to Connect a Michael Kors Smartwatch with Android or iPhone Correctly?

How to Connect a Michael Kors Smartwatch with Android or iPhone Correctly?

How to Connect a Michael Kors Smartwatch with Android or iPhone Correctly?

Today, the use of digital watches has become an increasingly common resource. Every update and new model that comes up, the demand for these devices in the market increases technological. Well, the use of them has attracted attention for its comfort and simplicity in its handling.

Michael Kors smart watches have stolen the eyes of a large number of people. By its attractive appearance and ease of pairing with mobile phones, has generated great curiosity. So next we will explain how to make that link between the smart watch and the mobile device and other points to highlight.

What must you have to be able to create the link between your cell phone and your Smartwatch?

One of the main features of the Michael Kors smartwatch is that it has the Wear OS operating system. So that it is necessary to install the app in the mobile device’s app store to link. Likewise, it is vitally important that the watch must be charged before making the connection.

How is the link between your mobile and the smart watch made?

The procedure to make the connection and compatibility between the two devices is quite simple. Just by having the latest version of the Wear OS application installed, you will be ready to link. It should be noted that to proceed to synchronize you have to activate Bluetooth access on the cell phone.

From Android

To start pairing the Michael Kors smartwatch with your Android device, you need to have both cell phone like smart watch. Once you have the devices within reach, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Enter the app Wear OS by Google.
  • Click on ‘start configuration’.
  • Turn on the watch and tap on ‘start’.
  • Choose the language on the smartwatch.
  • Accept the terms of use on the watch and on the mobile device.
  • Wait for the phone to connect with the smartwatch.
  • A code will appear on the screens of both devices. If it is the same, click on ‘link’.

After these steps, the link process will begin to load. Once the download is complete, you must select a Google account to complete the link. Subsequently, you have to follow the parameters that appear in the app and when it is completed, the synchronization of the devices will begin.

It should be noted that this process it may take around 5 minutes, so it is recommended to be patient and not interfere with the charging time. So that at the end, you can properly enjoy the functions of the smartwatch.

Using iPhone

Previously, the Wear OS application was only available for Android devices. However, due to the demand that this application had, it could be enabled for iOS devices. So users of these devices can sync their iPhones with smartwatches exactly from the same way that Androids do. setting to change sphere in smartwatch

What is the way in which you can fully customize your Smartwatch?

With synchronization ready between smart watch and mobile device, you can now enjoy all the functions offered by the Michael Kors smartwatch. Among many of its features are the following that can be used to the maximum:

Set the watch faces

The design of the spheres is a very characteristic element of watches, and to configure it can be done directly in the application. For this you have to enter on the main screen, go to ‘clock screens‘and click on’ more ‘. Choose the sphere of your choice and click on “set to clock”.

Enable the use of WhatsApp

To be able to use and view WhatsApp notifications on your smartwatch, you have to access the mobile application and go to the ‘notifications’ section. Then enter ‘change clock notifications’ and between the suggested applications, search for WhatsApp and activate the tab.

Activate your notifications

In addition to the WhatsApp application, the smartwatch also allows access to notifications from other cell phone applications. To activate them, you have to enter the notifications section in the Wear OS app and activate the available applications such as calls, messages, emails, etc.