How to Control Volume on Amazon Fire Stick? – Command Configuration

How to Control Volume on Amazon Fire Stick? – Command Configuration

The Amazon Fire Stick television control is another of the products that the Amazon company has, being a very useful gadget. In any case, many do not know how to raise and lower the volume of this device. That is why we will tell you how to do this process below.

How can you control the volume of Amazon Fire Stick?

The first thing to control the volume is to connect to the device in question that we want to control, you can do this by using wifi. In any case, before starting we recommend knowing what to do if the Amazon Fire Stick Wi-Fi network is lost and thus avoid any inconvenience.

Controlling the volume of a TV with a modern Amazon Fire Stick is very simple, since newer versions have buttons for this. Unfortunately older remotes don’t have this option, but don’t worry, you can set up a Chromecast with your TV and fix the error.

No matter which Amazon Fire Stick you have, whether it’s a new version or an old one, both can control TV audio. The ways in which the volume can be controlled are very simple, you can do it from the control buttons or with the use of voice commands

The easiest option: from the remote control

The easiest option turn up the volume is using the control, as the controls are easy to operate. In fact, while the Amazon Fire Stick is a modern device, it’s designed to be just as easy to use as the old-fashioned controllers. Therefore, without a doubt, the best thing is to directly use the remote control.

As we pointed out, modern Amazon Fire Stick drives they come with the buttons to raise, lower or even mute the volume. Making the processes much easier, since you only have to press the button of the action you want to carry out.

Set the volume with voice commands

Fortunately, The latest Amazon Fire Sticks They have a microphone that allows voice commands. Whether you’re busy or just at ease, using your voice to give a command without physical contact is most helpful. Without a doubt, it is one of the most striking aspects of the device, since it allows you to perform many actions with just your voice.

To use the Amazon Fire Stick with your voice, you simply have to press for a few seconds on the button shaped like a microphone. After the above, just speak out loud, indicating the voice command, which in this case is ‘volume up or down’. In any case, if you have an older device, the above will not be useful.

To use voice commands on the Amazon Fire Stick on older versions, first you will have to have a receiver, the Alexa or the Echo Dot being valid. Once you have the devices, you must make a link between them in order to use the voice functions.

Can Alexa be paired to devices along with an Amazon Fire Stick?

For Alexa to pair with other devices next to the Amazon Fire Stick you first have to link the Echo Dot and the Fire TV. It is not a complicated process and once you manage to pair them, you will be able to link Alexa with the Amazon Fire Stick and other devices.

volume up or down on amazon fire stick

To be able to link the Echo Dot and the Fire TV, first of all you need that both devices belong to the same account. To start pairing, open the Alexa app on your mobile and tap on the three dots (the ‘More’ option. Now, open ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘TV & Video’.

Click on ‘Pair your Alexa device’, after which a sequence of steps to pair a new device will appear on the screen. Now all you have to do is follow the steps shown on the screen to finish the configuration.

Please note that Alexa can be paired to other devices at the same time it is connected to the Amazon Fire Stick. Similarly, Alexa can easily recognize a Fire Stick with a simple command. So if you talk to Alexa, for example, saying ‘show me horror movies on Fire TV’, the content should appear on your device.