How to Convert MP3 Song or Audio to Ringtone on My Android Quickly

How to Convert MP3 Song or Audio to Ringtone on My Android Quickly

If you have ever heard a song that immediately captures your full attention, it is very possible that you have wondered how to place it from Ringtone on your mobile device. In order to receive all your notifications and calls with a different ringtone to those that are already pre-established by the Android system and stand out among other users.

In this article, we will tell you that it is possible to do so, since the Android operating system is so versatile, that you will allow you to download hundreds of applications such as those that are used to mix DJ music, as well as others that will help you convert all your MP3 files to Ringtone without any problem.

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For all the above, today we bring you the ideal way for you to fulfill your mission and you can show off your original Ringtones, which you will also be able to edit and improve the sound quality so that it sounds much better when receiving a notification, call or alarm.

Instructions to convert MP3 files to Ringtone on Android

Although there are very attractive ringtone packages to download and install, it is also valid that we lean towards much more personalized and original options, as is the case of being able to choose your favorite song so that it is the protagonist of all the notifications you receive.

For this to happen, you need to download an application called Ringtone Maker, which you can get on its official website. In this way, you will be able to download the App in the safest way possible and all from the comfort of the Play Store and without risk of your phone getting infected with viruses.

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This application is characterized by giving you a quick and easy process when converting all your MP3 files, in addition, it also allows you to cut out some parts of the song so that you can choose the section that you like the most. You can also make the tone you choose soften or gradually fade while the call is ringing.

Way to edit the MP3 files that will become Ringtone through the application

After you download the application that we just mentioned, you need to learn how to use it correctly. So the first thing you will have to do is edit the MP3 audio you want so that later you can upload it as a ringtone without problem to the mobile.

When you enter the main panel, you will be able to appreciate some sliders that are what you are going to use to modify the MP3 file to your liking. So, when choosing your audio, you have to make the initial volume of the tone reproduce gradually, that is, to go up and end down, which you will do through the Fade and volume option.

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how to edit the music to be the ringtone of the mobile

Also, within the panel you will see the Copy and Paste option, Through it, you will repeat the favorite parts of your audio as many times as you wish, creating a much more unique file, while you also have the option of adding gain or reduction to the volume of the tone you have already selected.

Put the ringtone on your mobile device

Now that you know the best way to edit the audio files through the application, you must save the result as a ringtone, alarm or notification on your phone. To do this, you have to go to the Settings of your Android and choose the option that says Ringtone, from there you can select the audio already converted to Ringtone, with the name that you have assigned to the file.

If you want to assign the ringtone to one of your contacts, you can do so by selecting the person’s number and in the Edit option, choose the sound you want. It should be noted that you can also find car sound applications to assign them to a specific contact if you require it.

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While, in the application store, you may find other alternatives similar to Ringtone Maker, but we recommend this one because it is the most versatile and also, allows you to record audio and edit it later, which you can also turn into the tone of all your calls and notifications.