How to create a Venn diagram in PowerPoint – Easy Steps

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How to create a Venn diagram in PowerPoint

A Venn diagram is a great way to show how two things overlap. It won’t give you a deep and detailed understanding of how things are similar and how they differ, but they do have something in common.

Diagram of Venn and PowerPoint

PowerPoint has tools for creating charts and a Venn diagram is just that; a graph. You can create one in PowerPoint quite easily. You can use the shape tools or you can use the dedicated chart / chart tools.

Create Venn Diagram in PowerPoint

To create a Venn diagram in PowerPoint, follow these steps.

  1. Open a new PowerPoint file or create a new slide in the file you are working on.
  2. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon.
  3. Click on the SmartArt tool.
  4. From the menu, select Relationship as the type of chart you want to add.
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  1. From the diagram library, select Basic Venn.
  2. Click OK.
  3. The diagram will be inserted.
  4. Edit the labels and customize the diagram.

Label Venn diagram

The Venn diagram will be inserted with placeholder text. You will have to change it to give the diagram meaning. By default, it will have three components, but you can add or remove them.

  1. Right click on a shape.
  2. Select Add Shape from the context menu.
  3. Select Add shape later to add a new circle to the right of the current one.
  4. Select Add shape before to add a new circle to the left of the current one.

To add what appears in the overlay area, you will need to manually add a new text box.

  1. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon.
  2. Select the text box.
  3. Drag the text box to the overlay area.
  4. Enter what the overlapping area represents.
  5. Repeat for all overlapping areas.

Change Color and Transparency – Venn Diagram

To change the color of the shapes;

  1. Select one of the circles.
  2. Right-click on the circle and select Format Shape.
  3. Open the Fill tool in the left panel.
  4. Change the color of the shape.
  5. Use the transparency slider to add transparency and get the “overlay” effect.
  6. Repeat for all circles.
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The Venn Diagram tool has two variations: simple and interconnected rings. Try them both. Depending on how much data you need to add to the diagram and how many nodes the Venn diagram will have, you are better off using the interconnected rings version. You will have the same tools at your disposal to customize this second variation of the Venn diagram.