How to Create an Alias ​​for my Outlook Mail – Simple and Fast

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How to Create an Alias ​​for my Outlook Mail – Simple and Fast – Would you like to know how can you create an alias from your Outlook email? Next, in this article we will show you step by step how you can get your alias. It is very simple and fast, just keep reading.

Why is it important to have an additional email linked to my main account?

Having an additional email linked to your account is very important, because it will bring you great benefitsWithin these, you can provide an additional address for your email, which will allow you to use the same list of your contacts, as well as the same Inbox.

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In addition, you can also have your main email address, account settings and, by having two email addresses, you can decide which email to send your emails from or start your session from your Outlook.

All of the above is because it allows you to use the same password for both and above all this you will take care of possible hackers or sellers of doubtful origin. Likewise, Microsoft through Outlook has allowed you to have not only one associated alias available, but more than one, that is, you can have several aliases associated with only one of your electronic accounts.

What are the requirements to have an alias in my email?

To create your alias only you must have the basics, that is, with an Internet connection from any device you have at the moment, be it a mobile phone with Android, iOS or another system, Tablet, PC or Mac among others.

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Another thing you will need is to create and open your Outlook account, from the Outlook home pageThen, once you have your main account, follow the steps that we will be providing, so that you can create your alias for your main email.

On the other hand, if you already have an account and want to start from scratch, you must first close your Outlook session and then you can create your new account, By doing it this way, you will get a new email address, as well as a new inbox.

How to change primary alias in Outlook?

To change the name of the main alias of your email, first you must enter and enter Hotmail or Outlook, either automatically and then you must remove the alias from the email you no longer need and once you do that, add the one you will now use.

You ask, how can you eliminate it? It is very easy, just go to ‘Administrator the mode of logging into Microsoft’, then if they ask you to log in do it. Finally, in the option ‘Account aliases’ you are going to select the option that is right next to the email that appears as the main ‘Make it main’ and that’s it.

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How to add another email as alias in Outlook?

To add another email as aliases in Outlook first open your Outlook email, then once the window loads, go to ‘Account manager of …’, that is, where the photo or initials of your profile is shown, when you click there, select the option ‘My Microsoft account’. If you have a Hotmail account, remember that you can switch to Outlook without losing it.

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Once the above is done, the sale will be charged and you must select the option ‘Your information’ located at the top of it, there you will see several things regarding the basic data of your profile, you must go down to the option ‘Account information’.

Next, select ‘Login Preferences’ that its font is blue, when you open it, the window will reload with the option’ Manage Microsoft login ‘as the first option, the’ Account aliases will appear. ‘, to add another email you will notice again in blue letters two options, Click on the option ‘Add email’.

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Afterwards, a window will open asking you again for your email password, Once you place it, click on ‘Sign in’, another window will open with two options to add your email.

One option will tell you ‘Create a new email address and add it as aliases’ and the other ‘Add an existing email address as Microsoft account aliases’, choose the one of your preference, place it and click on’ Add aliases’ and that’s it.