How to customize the Windows 11 taskbar to look like the macOS Dock

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Hive OS Linux commands for beginners

How to customize the Windows 11 taskbar to look like the macOS Dock

Many users like the macOS port. One reason is its visual display. It’s very attractive. Although Microsoft has tried to replicate something similar in Windows 11, it doesn’t look like it does on Mac.

If you’re a fan of the macOS Dock and want your Windows 11 taskbar to look like the macOS Dock, read on.

In this article, we will show you step by step how to customize your Windows 11 taskbar to look like the dock in macOS.

Steps to customize the Windows 11 taskbar to look like a macOS Dock

1. Open the RoundedTB Download Link and click

2. Once the download is complete, right click on the zip file and select Remove all.

3. Once the file is extracted, cut it.

cut file

4. In your C drive, create a new folder and give it a name. To do it, right-click anywhere in the empty area and choose New >Carpeta from the dropdown menu.

Create a minimal folder

5. double click and open the new folder.

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6. Paste the file from Step 3 and paste it into the new folder.

7. Now open the RoundedTB_R3.1 file.

8. Locate the round tuberculosis application file as shown below and double click in that.

Locate the Ronded Tb application file

9. At the prompt for your Windows Protected PC, click More information.

More information

10. Now click on the Run to nowhere.


11. This will start the installation of Rounded TB. After the installation is complete, you will see a screen like the one below.

Play with the margin

12. Play with it Margin Y corner radius. Check how the taskbar looks.

13. You can also choose the height and width of the margin. Click on Advanced and then click the three points beside Margin. Now specify the desired values.

Margin specification

14. You can also choose dynamic mode. Check about him dynamic mode option and click Request.

Check dynamic mode

15. The taskbar looks like this:

Minimal dynamic aspect

16. If you have any problem, the right button of the mouse about him taskbar, choose taskbar settings.

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Taskbar Settings

17. In the window that appears, click Taskbar behaviors.

18. In the Taskbar Alignment section, select Left and do it Center again.

Taskbar Alignment

NOTE: Do not check the Auto-hide the taskbar option in the taskbar settings. Not working.

Auto hide taskbars

19. If you want to show the system tray, check the Show system trayand click OK.

System tray with minimal taskbar

20. Also, if you want to change the opacity, the color of the taskbar, you should use TranslúcidoTB. To use that, first cheque the TranslucentTB Compatibilityand click OK in the RoundedTB window.

Translucent TB Control

21. Open the TranslucentTB Download Link.

22. Under the Assets section, click TranslucentTB Application Installer.

Transluxent Tb application installer

23. Once the download is complete, double-click the file to install the TranslúcidoTB.

Instalar Transluscenttb

24. In the window that appears, click the install on pc button. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

Settings for Tb Min (1)

25. The task bar would look like this:

Clear Taskbar Minimal

TranslucentTB has options to add accent, opaque, and acrylic colors to the taskbar. You can play with them and decide which one suits you best.

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That’s it.

We hope this article has been informative. Thank you for reading. Please comment and let us know if you liked this article. Also, feel free to comment if you have any issues, we’ll be happy to help.

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