How to Delete a Video from My YouTube Channel Permanently

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How to Delete a Video from My YouTube Channel Permanently

YouTube has long been one of the most widely used and popular video platforms in the world, where you can find videos of any category. Besides that, if you already have a Gmail account you can have your account and upload the content you want in a simple way.

Now, for whatever reason you may want to delete one of these videos that you have uploaded to your account at some point. Therefore, in this article we will explain how you can delete a video from your YouTube channel permanently.

How are videos on a YouTube channel replaced?

And YouTube, there is not exactly the option to replace a video that you have already uploaded to your account, but it does give you other options to replace it in some way.

Cut off the part you don’t want to keep

First you can cut a part of the video that you no longer want to continue to appear in the video and leave what does. The good thing is that YouTube does not stop you from cutting the part you want, so it can be a few minutes or seconds from the beginning, middle, or end.

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Add cards

With these cards you make your video more dynamic and entertaining, since you give it direct access to other links to other videos or some other website. Secondly, cards benefit your channel, since using them in previous videos you refer to newer videos on your channel.

Change the title and description

This is available for your video to be replaced in some way, and also you can change the category of it or the access of those who can see it. This is known as part of a bulk edit, to change the tags of the video so that it has a better reach.

How to access YouTube Studio to delete a video from your account?

This process is very simple, it is just like setting up an email account from any other platform; log into your YouTube Studio account. Then on the main page go to the menu and make click on the ‘Content’ option, find the video and press the 3 vertical dots icon.

In the box that appears, choose the option to ‘Delete permanently’ and then confirm the action, and then the video will no longer be found.

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What other ways are there to delete a video and how to do it?

In addition to the option that we explained previously, there is another way to do it following a few simple steps from the YouTube App that you have downloaded and installed on your mobile.

From your mobile device with the official app

The first thing is to enter the application on your mobile, and touch your profile photo in the upper right corner of the screen. Among the options that are displayed, press upon ‘Your channel’ and then select the ‘Videos’ tab and find the one you want to delete.

personal channel on youtube

Next to each video you will see the icon of 3 vertical dots, which you must press to be able to press the ‘Delete’ option and accept to complete.

When you delete a YouTube video, it immediately ceases to exist?

The same platform reports that once you confirm the delete option and they start the deletion, the video disappears completely from your YouTube channel. However, there are other options that you can look for to recover if you want any of these videos that you have deleted, we will show you later.

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Does deleting a video notify your subscribers?

The platform allows you as a user that, when uploading a video to your channel, the application sends them a notification when you upload the video to YouTube. But, when you delete a video from your channel, the platform does not notify any of your subscribers that such video has been removed.

Is there a place where I can view and recover videos that I have deleted in the past?

To recover and watch again a video that you have deleted is to use any backup you have made on your computer or on an SD. The other option is to use the Way Back platform, known as the Internet Archive Way Back Machine platform, to download the deleted videos.