How to Delete or Edit Sent Mail from Outlook – Complete Guide

How to Delete or Edit Sent Mail from Outlook – Complete Guide

If you are looking to delete or edit an email sent from Outlook, then it will briefly explain what steps you must do to be able to do it. You will also be told what to do to retrieve sent emails and what other similar functions the platform allows to do. In this way, when you dare to create an account in it, you have the basic knowledge about it.

What do I need to be able to retrieve my sent emails in Outlook?

It is possible to retrieve sent emails in Outlook, but to do so you need to do a few things. First of all, it must have a recent and active version of Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange. If this requirement is met, you can continue with the recovery process.

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The first step is to go to ‘Sent Items Folder’ in the left folder panel. Once opened, you have to select the message you want to recover, but it must be double clicked when opening, since to recover it it is not enough to open it for read only.

After this you have to go to the ‘Message’ section then click on ‘Actions and select’ Retrieve this message ‘. Now, it is important to say that for this process to be effective it cannot be carried out on the web, but must be done with the Outlook desktop program.

How do I cancel the sending of a message from my Outlook profile?

In order to cancel the sending of an email sent from Outlook, it doesn’t take much. The first thing to do is go to ‘Settings’, which is in the upper right part of the screen in the shape of a gear. After it is due click on ‘Compose and reply’, select the message and voila: it will have been canceled.

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How can I replace a message sent from my Outlook account?

Although it is possible to cancel or even retrieve an email in Outlook, it is sometimes much more efficient to replace the sent message. Whatever the reason to replace it, there is an official and efficient way to do it. Next it will be said what it is and with what versions of Outlook it is possible to do it.

Con Office 2007

First you have to go to ‘Mail’, go to the navigation panel and click on ‘Sent items’. After opening the message to be replaced, enter ‘Message’ and the ‘Actions’ section and then click on ‘Retrieve this message’. In order to delete the sent message, you have to go to “Delete unread copies” and replace them with a new message.

After this, it will only remain to compose the message again and send it. In addition, it is recommended that, if the mail is to be sent to a large number of people, it is uncheck the ‘Report recovery success for each recipient. ‘ This way you can avoid receiving many confirmation messages that can be annoying.

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In the latest versions

First you have to go to the previously created folders panel located on the left side of the window. Then you have to click on ‘Sent Items’. Then you have to open the message in question by double clicking on it. After that the ‘Message’ tab should be opened, select ‘Actions’ and finally ‘Retrieve this message’.

trick to modify an email sent in outlook

Now, in case you have the simplified toolbar, you have to select the ‘Message’ tab, then click on ‘More commands’, then on ‘Actions’ and finally on ‘Retrieve this message’. Once this is done, you just have to click on ‘Delete the unread copies and replace them with a new message’ and ‘OK’.

Now, it is important to say that, if you cannot see these icons when trying to retrieve these messages, it may be because you do not have one Exchange account, or with Office 2007.

What other actions can we do with emails sent in Outlook?

In addition to delete, edit, cancel or replace sending a message, in Outlook it is possible to do certain actions to customize the sending and receiving of emails. By following Microsoft’s instructions, it will be possible to manage email messages and take advantage of this great tool.

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