How to disable night mode on iPhone camera – Easy Steps

How to disable night mode on iPhone camera

Every year when a new iPhone model is released or when the new version of iOS is announced, you can count on improvements to the camera app. The camera app on iOS and the camera on an iPhone are one of its strongest selling points and for good reason. The device, even the oldest ones, has some of the best cameras compared to current devices.

IPhone camera in night mode

Night mode was added to camera in iOS 14. Camera night mode works on iPhone 11 and later. It automatically kicks in when it detects that there is not enough light to take a good photo, it sets an exposure value that will give you a better image, and all you need to do is press the shutter button.

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The function is excellent, but it is intended for stationary objects and not moving objects that tend to blur, especially if the exposure time is longer. Here’s how you can disable night mode in the camera app.

Disable iPhone camera in night mode

You can disable the night mode in the camera app when you take a photo. These settings will be specific to that photoshoot. When you switch back to the app, the night mode will be enabled automatically (if the light conditions require it).

To disable night mode for the current photo;

  1. Open the camera app.
  2. Find the night mode icon at the top (it should be yellow) and tap on it.
  3. At the bottom, use the slider to set the exposure to 0 seconds.
  4. Night mode will be deactivated.

To turn off the night mode;

  1. Open the camera app and point the phone at something dark which will activate night mode.
  2. Tap the night mode icon and set the exposure slider to 0.
  3. Once you’ve turned off night mode, exit the Camera app.
  4. Open the Settings app.
  5. Select Camera.
  6. Select Keep Settings.
  7. Turn on the night mode switch.
  8. The next time you point the camera at a dark object, the night mode will not activate automatically.
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The Keep Settings switch applies to the recent camera settings. It will remember what you set the Night Mode to On or Off. It does not apply only to the Off setting. If you turn night mode on for one photo, it will stay on for subsequent photos until you manually turn it off. You can always return to night mode by tapping its button on the camera’s viewfinder, and it will automatically set the correct exposure level.