How to Download and Update my Samsung Smart TV with the Latest Software

How to Download and Update my Samsung Smart TV with the Latest Software

Nowadays, technology is advancing more and more and the devices of entertainment is not far behind. That is why, in recent years, Smart TVs have been developed, which are basically extremely modern televisions that allow us to perform endless tasks.

Thanks to its use, you have the possibility to connect to the Internet, use applications and watch your favorite series if you decide to sign up for Netflix. In this way, you will not have the need to use other devices because the Smart TV it fulfills a lot of functions. So much so, that you even have the opportunity to use your Android phone as a universal remote control, which turns out to be a very useful and practical option.

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While you will also have the option to watch videos on YouTube while recording your favorite show that is being broadcast live so you don’t miss out on anything. However, this type of device needs constant maintenance and updates so that its multiple functionalities are improved every time, that is why we have brought this tutorial so that you learn all the necessary procedure that must be carried out, so keep reading.

Instructions to install and update my Samsung Smart TV, the latest program online

In order for you to enjoy all the benefits and content that can be viewed from your new Samsung Smart TV, it is necessary that install the new firmware version of your device. It should be noted that these updates turn out to be automatic and the user will always be informed about them.

In turn, it is important that you have a good connection, so you can try different ways to make the internet work better and that it is already active and properly configured on your TV. Now, the first thing you have to do is access the Menu button on the device and then scroll through the arrows on the remote control to go down to the alternative that says Red.

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When you have entered, you have to go to the Network Configuration section and you will proceed to choose the type of connection, in this case it will be by WiFi, so enter your home network and enter the password to access. This simple process is enough for the Smart TV to start looking for firmware updates when it is turned on. As soon as the notification regarding the new update appears, you just have to click on download so that it is installed correctly on the system.

How can I download and update the latest software on my Samsung Smart TV using USB

In this case, the process will be totally manual and it is also an excellent alternative to fulfill this purpose. So, you are going to open the web browser of your choice from the computer and you will enter the official Samsung address. Now, you are going to go to the page’s search engine and you are going to write the model of your Smart Tv without mistakes.

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how to update the new version to see on the smart tv

Next, you will have to scroll down to find the option that cites the following: User manual and downloads. So now you must click on See more content and go to the Downloads section and click on the option that says USB type improvement file. When it has already been successfully downloaded to the PC, you need to plug in a USB drive with very good storage capacity.

When everything is finished, you are going to remove the USB drive from the computer and proceed to connect it to your smart TV. The next thing you should do is turn on the TV and access the main menu through the remote control.

Now, you are going to go down until you find the Technical Support alternative and you will click on it so that you then check the Software Update option. For what only remains select the box to use the USB with the stored data and click Update now.

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Doing this will start the update process and you have to be patient until everything is completed and the Smart TV restarts properly. Then, you can already have the newest version and you will continue to enjoy all the functionalities that Samsung brings to you.